Fans React To Queen Elizabeth II Poster In Tommyinnit’s New Office!

Fans react to Queen Elizabeth II poster: TommyInnit, a celebrity Youtube streamer has surpassed ten million subscribers. This time, he moved to a new office. He also shared some glimpses of his new workspace today, that is, on August 1.

What rankled the controversy, however, was a portrait of Queen Elizabeth 2. It hung right above her Guinness World Record plaque, which she won for the most viewers of a live stream of a Minecraft game on Twitch at January 2021.

A few minutes into the broadcast, he announced, “Welcome to the office chat,” while clapping his hands in the air. She looked around her before saying “it’s blue”. She also pointed to the Queen’s portrait and said “there it is”.

He also shared the news of his next poster, i.e. custom made. Several fans congratulated the streamer but on the other hand, several made fun of Elizabeth’s poster.

Twitter reacts to Tommy’s new office and Queen Elizabeth II poster

Tommy’s fans wondered why he had put up the Queen Elizabeth poster. So they wrote a series of comments.

“A picture of Queen Lizzie and then her Guinness World Record… amen Tommy amen,” one fan tweeted.

Others said: “The Queen in the background of Tommy’s new office, I wish I could say I was surprised.”

Another tweeted: “Tommy has a Lizzy camera that just zooms in on a picture of the queen.”

“Some guys have pictures of cars and models in their personal rooms, but no, Tommy Innit is different… he has, he has the queen.”

Fans React To Queen Elizabeth II Poster In Tommyinnit's New Office!

Tommy’s earlier controversy

Recently, one of Tommy’s VLOG videos went viral. So Tommy went out on the street asking random people their opinions of him. He wandered around Bognor Regis in a Minecraft outfit.

A girl made fun of her outfit and was sought after by Tommy’s fans on social media. Then, they left some harsh comments on her TikTok video. Tommy jumped in and appealed to his fans to stop the abusive comments.

He wrote: “Please do not send any harassment to the people in the recent video.”

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