Fans Link Aaron Ramsey’s Infamous Curse To Olivia Newton-John’s Death

Olivia Newton-John, the noted pop legend who gave us such exemplary hits as “Physical” and Sandy Olsson’s most beloved character in the 1978 musical hit “Grease,” died at the age of 73 on Monday, August 8. The bad news left countless people feeling the unfortunate misfortune, with scores of her co-stars and artists turning out to pay tribute to the four-time Grammy winner. Fans Link Aaron Ramsey’s Curse to Olivia Newton-John’s Death

Currently, people are linking her death to the infamous Aaron Ramsay curse that resurfaced after the Olivia news. Aaron Ramsay scored quickly in a single moment after falling off his seat to protect a 1-1 draw on his debut for Nice in their Ligue 1 clash against Toulouse. Although his passing was due to his illness, certain people on the internet wanted to discuss it and connect it to the Aaron Ramsey curse.

The ‘Ramsey Curse’, a well-known express who appears every time Aaron Ramsey scores, due to his discernible connections to passing VIPs, has struck once again. It comes as Ramsey scored in his debut for Nice on August 7 and Grease star Olivia Newton-John died the next day.

What is the curse of Aaron Ramsey?

The 73-year-old artist and entertainer had been battling breast cancer disease for quite some time and was hopeless in her final days. While her passing was due to her illness, certain people on the internet couldn’t resist the opportunity to discuss and connect it to the Aaron Ramsey curse. For people who are clueless, the talented Welsh footballer who plays as a midfielder for Nice in Ligue 1 has a misfortune attached to his name, namely the curse.

Many people have linked the dates of their goals to the deaths of celebrities, and it’s kind of creepy. The deaths of celebrities like Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs, Paul Walker, David Bowie, Nancy Reagan, José Rafael Videla, Robin Williams, and even Osama Bin Laden were quite in keeping with Aaron Ramsey’s goals. The curse says that every time Aaron Ramsey scores a goal, a celebrity is destined to die. For example, one day after he scored against Sunderland in 2012, Whitney Houston passed away on February 11, 2012. The internet is currently discussing whether Olivia Newton-John is the latest victim of this notorious Aaron Ramsey curse.

Debates over the infamous curse are sweeping the internet

According to the statement released by Olivia’s husband, John Easterling, she died peacefully on his ranch in Southern California, just a day after Aaron Ramsey scored his leveling goal. Is your passage of him associated with his goal? How about we look at the different witnesses of her? Former US Senator Ted Kennedy died in 2009 three days after Aaron Ramsey scored against Portsmouth.

Andrés Monte, a Spanish soccer and basketball commentator, died in 2009 two days after Aaron Ramsey scored his first goal for Wales. One day after scoring against Manchester United, Osama Bin Laden was assassinated in 2011, and three days after scoring against Tottenham Hotspur, Steve Jobs also died in 2011.

One user couldn’t resist the opportunity to mention specific celebrity death dates and interconnect them with Aaron Ramsey’s scoring days saying, “The Aaron Ramsey curse started out as a joke, but it’s way beyond that place. Those are some big shots he’s killed. Williams, Steve Jobs, Osama Bin Laiden, Whitney, Oliver Newton-John. He is an injury-focused midfielder. He doesn’t score many, but when he does, big names come up.

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