Fans criticize Drake after he posted a “creepy” Instagram story of an unsuspecting woman

It seems that Drake is the pet son of controversies, as he recently faced backlash for posting about a woman on his Instagram story. While we always have the internet full of news about Drake. This time it’s a woman on his Instagram story who is grabbing everyone’s attention. But who is the mystery woman in the rapper’s IG story?

Read on to learn more about how Drake is facing backlash for posting about a mystery woman on his IG story.

Drake is on vacation in St Tropez

Drake always loves to be in the buzz for one thing or another. While a few days ago he was in the spotlight for his vacation in St Tropez with a group of his friends. However, it wasn’t the holidays that caught everyone’s attention. Rather it was a model on vacation with him who got most of the attention.

It was a week ago when Drake was on a yacht with his friends heading to the 55 Club when he was clicked with a model. Along with the rapper, Suede Brooks was seen in a bikini. Which instantly generated a lot of buzz on social media.

Drake posts about a mystery woman on his IG story

Drake and his love life have never been hidden from the media. While it is often rumored that he is dating one woman or another. The last dating rumors of him surfaced when he was with Suede Brooks on the yacht. However, none of his social networks hinted at something romantic between them.

However, what is making social media go wild once again is Drake’s IG story. Yes, Drake recently posted a photo of a mystery woman on his IG story. With the caption “I tried to send this woman a picture of herself because she’s a dime.” In Drake’s post, the woman is sitting at the next table while she is busy on her phone. It certainly appears that she is unaware that someone is clicking on her photo.

Drake Faces Backlash For Posting Photo Of Mystery Woman On His IG Story

After the rapper posted the woman’s photo on his IG story. Netizens were quick to give their reaction in the same way. As social networks were full of comments from netizens harshly criticizing the rapper’s post. It looks like Drake has once again created controversy by posting him.

Some users even wrote that no matter the woman he posted about she is beautiful. However, he should have kept his opinion of the woman to himself. While some said that it is wrong to post someone’s photo without their consent. That too from a celebrity who has over 117 million followers on Instagram is really bad.

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