Fact Check: Is Will Smith Alive or Dead in 2022?

The internet these days is awash with numerous death hoaxes, including the one that recently shocked everyone about the death of Will Smith. Without a doubt, death hoaxes have now become common on the internet. However, it surprises some people. While it is sad for the people and their families about whom the news of the death is going viral. But is Will Smith really dead?

Read on to know more about the news of Will Smith’s death going viral on the internet.

The news of the death of Will Smith goes viral on the Internet

The Internet is a hub for all kinds of viral content. Be it any leaked content or a death hoax. It can spread everything like wildfire. Also, it doesn’t matter if the news going viral on the internet is genuine or fake. It continues to reach a wide range of users on the Internet.

Similar happened with the news of Will Smith’s death as well. While we all know how great Will Smith is as an actor. Lately, however, everyone was sad when this week netizens found a post on social media saying that Will Smith is no more. He certainly named the place where the actor died. Which left everyone shocked at the state of believing the news.

Is Will Smith really dead?

Well, if you have been actively using the Internet. Then you may have realized that there is more fake news going viral on the internet than genuine news. Death hoaxes are also news that instantly go viral among users. But in case you’ve been trying to find out about the news of Will Smith’s death. Then you must not believe it.

Will Smith is fine and very much alive. He has just been one more prey to death hoaxes. As if we had some actors like Tom Holland, Bruce Willis and Snoop Dogg who became prey to the crazy trend of death cheats. The only thing is that after the slapping incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock, the former has been less active on social media. As he was heavily criticized for his performance at the Oscars.

Will Smith
Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

How to handle death hoaxes?

We certainly receive thousands of posts every day on our social networks. However, we must seek only the authenticity of the news before spreading it further. Therefore, we must be attentive to what is false and what is real. Spreading more fake news is bad for everyone.

Therefore, we should ignore such death hoaxes on social media. In fact, we can report such news if it appears to violate the terms of the social media accounts.

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