Fact Check: Is Trisha Paytas Dead or Alive? The death hoax explained

News of Trisha Paytas’s death recently took the internet by storm as her fans were saddened to find this viral news. Well, this isn’t the first time news of a celebrity death has started to go viral. As in recent months, the Internet has been receiving so many news of deaths about celebrities. But this time it’s Trisha Paytas, whose death news shocked everyone. Is she really dead in 2022?

Read on to know more about the news of Trisha Paytas’s death that is going viral.

The Internet viralizes the news of the death of Trisha Paytas

In recent months, the internet has received news about Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Tom Holland and many more deaths. However, none of them turned out to be true. As there were some fake posts and channels circulating such news among internet users. However, this time it was about the death of Trisha Paytas.

Recently, the internet had news that went viral about the death of Trisha Paytas. Upon learning of this, Trisha’s fans were shocked. But they soon found out about the authenticity of the news as fans heard various fake news about the celebrity’s death in the past.

Trisha Paytas
Image Source: Paper Magazine

Is Trisha Paytas really dead in 2022?

Well, for all those who still believe that Trisha Paytas is dead. The truth is that she is not dead. Trisha is absolutely fine and healthy. In fact, she is currently expecting her first child and is looking forward to embracing motherhood from her.

The famous Youtuber Trisha Paytas has been the victim of a death hoax. As before, several others fell victim to internet death hoaxes that shocked her fans. However, one must verify the authenticity of viral facts about a celebrity.

How to deal with fake news and death hoaxes on the Internet?

Well, we may come across various fake news on the internet that go viral often. Like more than genuine news, mostly fake news spreads faster. However, we must verify the authenticity of the news once, before forwarding it to another person.

As not only this that affects the person about whom it is spreading. But it also affects their loved ones and supporters. Therefore, after coming across any fake news, especially a death hoax, one should report it immediately. As this will stop the spread of such fake news.

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