Fact Check: Is Tom Selleck Dead in 2022? The death hoax explained

The latest annoying rumor circulating on the internet is that well-known actor Tom Selleck has passed away.

Some fans have begun to believe claims made in a series of posts that have been widely shared on Twitter that the Hollywood icon has passed away.

Many famous people, including Tom, have been the subject of such baseless rumours.

Tom Selleck is still alive

The scam was created by a YouTube channel well known for distributing false information about celebrity deaths.

The channel, which has more than 22,800 members, posted a video on July 26 with the caption, “10 minutes ago/RIP Tom Selleck/Died of severe and incurable cancer/Goodbye Tom Sellec.”

The claim is not supported by evidence and the actor’s last name is misspelled.

His career is the only thing described; his faked death is left out. The channel has been criticized in the comments for fabricating false stories about famous people solely to gain attention.

The same station also claims that Chuck Norris passed away today, which is just as absurd as the Tom death scam.

However, Tom is undoubtedly still alive and well in 2022.

He currently plays Frank Reagan, an NYPD police commissioner, on the CBS drama Blue Bloods. In October 2022, the popular show will return for season 13.

Tom Sellek
Photo by John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

A ridiculous rumor got fans worried about Tom Selleck

Call it sick or clickbait, but in recent times, there have been a number of unsubstantiated rumors claiming that celebrities have died when they haven’t, which has fans worried.

Tom Holland, Snoop Dogg, Shane Dawson and Will Smith are other well-known personalities who have been victims of death hoaxes.

Many fans believed the rumor about Tom even though it is obviously false, and they were quite worried. The hoax was quickly exposed by others.

I just cried, a concerned viewer wrote below the video. Is this a fact or a lie? Why they would say this is beyond me. Is it true please?

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