Fact Check: Is Shane Dawson Dead In 2022 As Cheating Trends On His Birthday?

Shane Dawson, a birthday boy, is the latest victim of the absurd death hoax. Fans are concerned and perplexed by the reports, even though the YouTuber is having a blast celebrating his 34th birthday with friends and family.

Bruce Willis, Tom Holland, Snoop Dogg and other famous people have recently been the targets of deadly hoaxes, as has Shane.

On July 19, when the YouTuber’s name started trending for all the wrong reasons, frightened followers flocked to Twitter to see if the death rumors were genuine.

Shane Dawson is not dead

Sadly, on his special day, Shane fell victim to a death hoax. However, these rumors are false.

Shane has been active on Instagram for the past few hours as he enjoys his birthday. Along with a photo related to his birthday, he also shared a series of anecdotes, the most recent of which, at the time of writing, was uploaded about 40 minutes ago.

In April 2021, a similar fake claiming that the YouTuber had died also spread on social media.

As many fans began to trust the claims, it even prompted Keemstar’s response at the time.

Keemstar responded to the rumor by writing, “Shane Dawson Died is Trending! This is most likely fake K-pop spam. I just texted Shane to see how he’s doing. Still no answer.

Both then and still, it has been a hoax. There is simply no cause for concern among fans.

Deception invades Twitter

When they realized that “Shane Dawson dead” was trending on Twitter, Shane’s followers were both horrified and perplexed.

However, this was quickly refuted by reliable sources like Def Noodles.

The title of his most recent post is “BREAKING NEWS THAT WILL DEFINITELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Twitter is currently reporting that Shane Dawson has passed away. He is really celebrating his birthday in good health.

Since Shane hasn’t addressed the rumors, a number of fans still seem stumped.

Youtuber celebrates his birthday and is doing well

The YouTuber is currently enjoying his 34th birthday, while the ridiculous Shane rumor has shocked his followers.

He tweeted images of himself and his dog Riley sitting in a room full of balloons just an hour ago. Also, a pink birthday cake and a ton of presents can be found around her.

“The happiest birthday ever :,)”, he wrote as a caption.

This is Riley Adams Dawson, aka RAD. We are already in love with her. For you to meet her, I can’t wait! She has a hilarious personality, and every time she does something for her, I’m so proud of her. Do you feel 34 like this?

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