Fact Check: Is Matthew Perry Dead? As Hoax states that he died in an accident

Rumor has it that Matthew Perry, the American-Canadian actor, died in an accident. Well, although this is not the first time that one suddenly reads or learns of the death of a celebrity. There have been several news of this type making the rounds on the Internet. Most of which turned out to be fake. But did Matthew Perry die in an accident?

Read on to know more about the rumors of Matthew Perry’s death due to an accident.

Rumors on the Internet claim that Matthew Perry died in an accident

For a few months now, we have been reading a lot of fake news that is going viral on the internet. Some of them were celebrity death news. However, they were all a death hoax and nothing real. Like Tom Holland, Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, we hear a lot of news about the death of celebrities on the Internet.

Once again we have to know something similar about the American actor Matthew Perry. The news of his death on the internet is going viral as he died in an accident. Knowing that his fans have been worried about him. But is he really dead?

Did Matthew Perry really die in an accident?

With news on the Internet often claiming about the death of one or another celebrity. Certainly we are supposed to find the source to know if it is fake or not. Well, for all those who were worrying about Matthew Perry. The actor did not die in any accident. As he is doing well and he is good.

In addition, the news of his death circulated on the Internet just when he was supposed to be 53 years old. However, fortunately he is well and today he is one year old. Meanwhile, the shocking news about his death worried his fans and loved ones for a while.

matthew perry
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How to handle death hoaxes?

We have a lot of information on social networks and the internet. Of which many of them are false. But we don’t pay attention to its authenticity before forwarding it to others. So we just end up spreading fake news often.

Therefore, every time you find out that something is not real or is misleading. Then report that immediately to the proper authority. It will eventually be removed from that platform.

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