FACT CHECK: Is Malia Obama Pregnant By Rapper Future?

Rumors that former US President Barrack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, is pregnant with Future’s child are circulating on the Internet. False rumors have been running wild on Twitter for a week. While some users were gullible enough to accept it, others continued to wonder where these absurd claims came from. In case we’ve made it clear as of now that no, Malia Obama is not pregnant with Future’s child in 2022 and the fact that so many are being wiped out shows that internet users will trust anything today.

Malia Obama, 24, is reportedly in a relationship with 32-year-old musician, DJ and producer Dawit Eklund. The pair were recently seen hanging around in New York City, according to footage obtained by the Daily Mail. Dawit Eklund’s father, Jon Eklund, 72, is a resigned State Department official, while his mother, Yeshi , 66, comes from Ethiopia. The musician is a co-founder of the Washington DC-based record label 1432 R, which reportedly specializes in Ethiopian music. Malia Obama and Dawit Eklund were first seen around town on July 26. Supposedly they were receiving a takeout order at the time.

Rumors that Malia Obama is pregnant with rapper Future’s baby are circulating On the Internet, is it true?

The rumors circulating about Malia Obama’s pregnancy are not true, the former first daughter is not pregnant with rapper Future’s baby. The false rumors about Malia and Future began after an Instagram page called Rapstreet television, which is dedicated to humor, allegedly shared a post of a montage of the two famous people’s photos. The text on said post read, BREAKING FUTURE and MALIA OBAMA expecting FIRST child TOGETHER. The post, which was clearly intended as a joke, was published on September 6. The post’s caption will tickle those who read it, as it says, LAST MINUTE Realizing that #future and Malia are expecting their first child together.

This news surprised many as the connection between Malia Obama and Future was kept secret. Sources don’t know how long Malia Obama has been pregnant, but they’ve allegedly been told by sources close to Future that the rapper has been ‘crushing dah b***h’ for some time now. Is everyone happy for Malia Obama and Future or Nah? Rapstreet Tv’s Instagram page, which has more than 32,000 followers, is full of such posts, which are clearly all fake. The page is simply meant to escort your guests and is not meant to share any real celebrity news.

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