Fact Check: Is Lil Tecca Dead or Alive? debunked rumors

Fans mistakenly believed that rapper Lil Tecca had been shot to death on August 1 after reading a post that claimed the same thing. However, the rapper is still alive and well in 2022.

It’s happened before that a celebrity has been the victim of a death hoax. Since so many people now rely on social media for news, a lot of fake news frequently attracts attention.

Lil Tecca experienced a similar situation when he became the new victim of an online death hoax.

How did the rumors first circulate that Lil’ Tecca was shot and killed?

After multiple posts on social networks began to circulate the rumor that the rapper was dead, the confusion began among the followers.

They were distributing a “hot news” image with the caption “Rapper Lil Tecca Shot Dead.” It was written on August 2, 2022.

His text read: “The rapper “lil tecca” was found dead in his own home. According to reports, he was shot three times in the chest. Witnesses report that the individual was tall and was seen driving a black miniature Tesla while he was sporting a black hoodie and black Sketchers.

Lil Tecca
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The rapper is alive and doing well.

For the benefit of those who may be perplexed, “trend news” is a fictitious website used to fabricate news and make practical jokes. Actually, the conclusion of the article says: “This is a satirical website. Consider it lightly. This is a joke.

Unfortunately, if this part is left out when spreading the news online, people will immediately assume it to be true. In fact, the rapper is doing well and focused on his upcoming European tour, which is scheduled to start in October.

Lil Tecca was also the subject of previous death rumors.

Contrary to what a rumor circulating on the internet would have you believe, Lil Tecca is still alive and well.

The Queens, New York rapper was allegedly shot and killed at JFK airport on Sunday (September 15), according to a fake news report, prompting a flurry of responses on social media from concerned and outraged fans. However, Tecca confirmed his continued existence to everyone via his Twitter account after learning of the situation.

He said Monday that “niggas believe anything on the Internet.”

The initial claim was posted on the fake news website, where anyone can sign up and post a fake story.

Source: HITC

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