Fact Check: Is KSI Dead in 2022? as ‘RIP KSI’ tweets trending on Twitter

KSI is still operating in 2022. After comments from “RIP KSI” (Rest In Peace) that led many to believe that he had passed away, fans were left perplexed and worried.

Social networks have frequently been the source of various rumors, and it seems that they have succeeded once again.

After various people began spreading these claims on social media, he was the victim of a death hoax on July 14, 2022.

How the KSI is Dead Rumors Started

On the IShowSpeed ​​live broadcast, “RIP KSI” messages and death rumors appeared for the first time. Given that the YouTuber and KSI have a long history together, it’s no surprise that their followers have started spreading that message on social media.

But it’s not clear who or how the “RIP KSI” craze actually started. However, it didn’t take long for IShowSpeed ​​followers to start trending on other websites like Twitter.

Since many people were not informed of what was happening, many even fell into the trap of believing the tweets. In reality, he is still alive and healthy.

What happened between KSI and iShowSpeed?

Even if there is no animosity between the two, social media users had a lot of fun instigating the drama. It all started when IShowSpeed ​​went live and made the decision to interact with their fans.

The YouTuber chose to browse KSI’s Instagram while having his routine chat. KSI’s private number had popped up on his screen, but IShowSpeed ​​wasn’t aware of it because it couldn’t see anything unusual about it.

People quickly took a screenshot and posted it on social media. Numerous people also messaged the celebrity as a result. Since he wasn’t sure what had happened, he even tweeted about it.

What action did IShowSpeed ​​take?

IShowSpeed ​​made the decision to join in on the prank, tweeting at KSI, “Proportion Ronald best.”

It is unknown if he expressed regret for exposing the number. However, it seems that his fans still haven’t had enough of his humor.

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