Fact Check: Did Venus Williams Retire From Tennis?

Serena Williams, the iconic tennis star has announced her retirement, now causing her sister Venus Williams to speculate the same. While we all know how wonderful Serena and Venus have been in their tennis career. Fans finally know that Serena is ready to leave the tennis court for good. However, fans also think that Venus could retire as well. But is that really so?

Read on to learn more about Venus Williams’ retirement.

Serena Williams announced her retirement

Serena Williams has been the star tennis player in the world. She has won several trophies and has so many titles to her name. However, she was shocking to her fans when she announced this month that she is retiring from her. On August 8, Serena shared that she will be leaving the tennis court for good.

Post that ad however, fans have been rooting for your decision though. Without a doubt, she always won the hearts of all her fans for so many years that it’s hard to miss. But her sister Venus de Ella is also a popular tennis player. But she has been missing from the tennis court for a while. So, is she retiring too?

Is Venus Williams also retiring?

Post Serena Williams retirement announcement. Fans have been wondering whether or not Venus Williams will retire as well. Since she hasn’t been very active on the tennis court these days. But she also has no plans to retire. In fact, while she was in the question and answer round on YouTube, one of her fans asked her about her retirement. To which she said that she still has a lot to prove to the world.

Therefore, no one should think that he will retire soon. Although he has been missing from the tennis court. However, he said that he will come back stronger than ever. As such, fans of Venus are hopeful that a good Venus game is coming in the future.

What is Serena and Venus’s plan after retirement?

Although fans now know that Serena will not return to the tennis court. However, Venus still plans to show her power to her fans. Meanwhile, during an interview with Harper Bazaar, Venus was asked about her and Serena’s post-retirement plans.

venus williams
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In that interview as such, he said that he has discussed his post-retirement plans with his sister Serena. Therefore, both of them have decided that they will become bodybuilders. She said that she and her sister have been doing jobs from a very young age. As such, they want to be free now.

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