Facebook adds extra security to protect users in Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

Facebook decided Thursday that the social media company will change its policy measures. Facebook will implement new laws to defend vulnerable users in Afghanistan during the Taliban takeover of the nation. Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Security Policy at Facebook, informed the country through his tweet.

Facebook users will be able to lock their profiles with a single click, preventing anyone from unlocking the user ID. Many features like the above will be released soon. The Head of Security Policy continuously tweeted for a while to provide information about the new features. He also said that Instagram will launch Pop-Alerts for Afghan users. Pop-up alerts will help you protect your accounts. Instagram users from Afghanistan will not be able to connect with their Facebook friends to prevent the public from becoming a target.

Facebook adds extra security to protect users in Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

The Taliban took full control of Afghanistan in early August, just after US President Joe Biden promised to bring troops back and stop the 20-year war. Since taking power, the United States has tried to evacuate thousands of Afghans in cargo planes. The Taliban have ordered everyone to leave the country within two weeks.

Facebook’s security chief has said that the company will develop more new tools taking suggestions. Activists, civil society groups and journalists are giving ideas for improvement. Facebook has also created a new Special Operations Center to deal with new threats and issues that may arise. Afghanistan is in a very difficult situation as the Taliban are killing everyone. To leave the country for US Aircraft, many people died clinging to the wheels of the aircraft.

Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will also see new features to ensure the safety of Afghan users. Twitter has said so with Civil Society Partners to support the public of Afghanistan. He also said he will remove any accounts that spread hate or suspend them. Twitter is also working with the government, and all user accounts from Afghanistan are to be confirmed. Verification is done using two-step verification techniques or E-KYC.

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