Explanation of the meaning of the new TikTok trend “2tnslppbntso”

Whenever it comes to viral and trending posts, TikTok has taken on a life of its own and risen in prominence and then become a go-to social network for people.

People have formed groups, where they alter their account image to something weird and monitor comments, recycle old scenarios to produce humorous movies, and even discuss whether time travelers exist on the app.

However, users have started adopting an old Spanish language technique to get their peers, siblings, and colleagues to talk less, even though not everyone understands what is going on.

On TikTok, the latest trend called ‘2tnslppbntso’ is becoming popular.

If you’ve been browsing TikTok recently, you’ve probably seen videos of people who know how to pronounce ‘2tnslppbntso’. Is it a sentence, a term or a code? Many people have no idea what ‘2tnslppbntso’ means and how to pronounce it.


I’m still laughing, he still has no idea 😂 #hispanics #españoltiktok #for you #2tnslppbntso

♬ original sound – kath_tee

What is ‘2tnslppbntso’?

‘2tnslppbntso’ is a classic Spanish speaking prank that can be used on your friends, family, parents, and sometimes even colleagues. Since being revived as a TikTok craze, it has been introduced to a larger non-Spanish international audience. ‘2tnslppbntso’ is a series of words that, when carefully pronounced, make no sense at all.


#2tnslpptso #2tnslppbntso #fypシ #for you #fyp #comedy #laugh #Spanish #alphabet #father#jokes #I like it #funny #dad jokes

♬ original sound – Imanie Guajardo

However, when sped up, it resembles the Spanish line “Tu Tengo el pipi Bien stiffo?” As stated above, it was a bit off-putting and refers to “You’ve got your pee pretty steady.” As a result, it’s easy to see how people can feel embarrassed when they realize what they’ve already said out loud.

Tiktoks trending ‘2tnslppbntso’

Most of the people who are forced to pronounce ‘2tnslppbntso’ out loud and then predict it are stumped, while the TikTok member who made the video is divided.
In the answer area, many non-Spanish speaking students are stumped, but those who understand how it works can’t help but laugh uncontrollably.


You still don’t get it! #couplecomedy #latinos

♬ original sound – TEAMLETSVIBE💥♥️💙

The technique is not new, it has been around for a long time on the internet, and as we have seen, the ability of TikTok can go back in time and make everything new. There have been numerous blogs about it, as well as multiple comments asking what it entails, so perhaps things have become clearer.
TikTok user Manie Guajardo developed a humorous video about the trend, which appears to have over 1.5 million views. Other fun includes Mel’s naive ‘blacksheepchronicles’ mom trying to spell ‘2tnslppbntso’ while her dad knows what that means.

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