Explanation: Is IShowSpeed ​​still banned on YouTube in 2022?

Famous YouTuber IShowSpeed ​​is facing a ban again, but this time it’s on YouTube. Yes, IShowSpeed ​​is banned on YouTube now. The reason why is shocking to know. However, this is not the first time such things have happened with him. As previously on Twitch, something similar also happened.

Read on to know more about IShowSpeed ​​banned on YouTube.

IShowSpeed ​​faces ban on YouTube

Although the Internet can make anyone a star overnight. However, on the other hand, it doesn’t take long to ban anyone. Similar happened with the famous YouTuber IShowSpeed ​​as well. Recently, on July 22, they banned YouTube.

While IShowSpeed ​​has had millions of its fans across all social media accounts. His ban lately on YouTube came about with a strong reason. As this is not the first time that a YouTuber has gotten a ban on the internet. But in case you don’t know why it’s facing a ban, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Why is IShowSpeed ​​facing ban on YouTube?

Content creator IShowSpeed’s ban occurred on July 22. As during his live broadcast, he showed content that was not appropriate for the younger audience. It was only during a live stream that he ended up showing explicit content while there were 90,000 viewers on his stream.

During the live broadcast, the explicit content was in the background while his screen hid it. But that turned things against him in the end. After which, social networks were filled with negative comments for the YouTuber. Netizens harshly criticized the YouTuber for his explicit content during the live broadcast. However, he has not given any reaction on it.

IShowSpeed ​​was also banned from Twitch

As IShowSpeed’s live stream violated YouTube’s terms, the platform was quick enough to ban the YouTuber. The news of this was posted by him on Instagram of him saying the word “goodbye” to everyone. However, it is not the first time that he has had such a ban.

One of his bans came on the Twitch platform. Like sometimes during the stream on Twitch, the YouTuber was getting mad at a fellow streamer. Where she swore at a fellow streamer. After this, he also got a ban on Twitch.

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