Explaining Kelis and Beyonce’s Twitter drama over the Renaissance album

Kelis and Beyonce fans have been fighting on Twitter, which has caused problems. What specifically did the singer say about the Renaissance record that caused this, even though there is no animosity or conflict between the two?

When Beyonce fans found out that her new album Renaissance had been leaked online, they were pretty unhappy. Many people were responding to the tune, and some found that one of the songs had included a sample of Kelis’s music.

But this was not the point where relations between the two fandoms deteriorated.

What Kelis about Beyoncé?

When rumors surfaced on Twitter that a Kelis song could be a sampler for the next album, the turmoil began. Because Kelis’s 2000 song Get Along With You was included in Beyonce’s song Energy for Renaissance, Kelis is credited as the songwriter.

Shortly after this was discovered, Kelis went on to comment on an Instagram post, saying that she was just learning that her music had been sampled along with the rest of the world.

She wrote, “My mind is blown as well as the degree of disrespect and stupidity from all 3 parties involved is impressive.” as soon as he had something to say about it. The same way everyone else did, I learned about this. Nothing is what it seems as certain people in this industry lack moral character and integrity and mislead everyone.

She said, “It’s not a collaboration… It’s a robbery. Beyonce has not responded to this as of now.

A project in three parts

Beyonce graced us all by giving us insight into the Revival after we had to wait months for an album. The fact that it is a three-part project is now even better news.

On her social media, the singer wrote, “This three-act production was recorded during the course of the epidemic over a period of three years. a period of calm and, in my opinion, the most creative thinking.

“Creating this album gave me a place to fantasize and find an escape in the midst of a difficult period for the planet,” he continued. In a period when he didn’t move around much anymore, he gave me the freedom and adventure I needed. My goal was to establish a safe environment free from prejudice. a place where overthinking and perfectionism are not allowed. a place where one can scream, let off steam and experience liberation. It was a beautiful journey of discovery.

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