Explained: Why Johnny Depp Is Unlikely To Appear In Sherlock Holmes 3

Robert Downey Jr. most recently played legendary investigator Sherlock Holmes in the 2011 film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Fans, however, have never given up hope for a third movie in the saga. Sherlock Holmes 3 was scheduled to be released on December 22, 2021, at the same time. However, the film did not appear on that date because COVID prevented it from going into production.

The third Sherlock Holmes movie is back in the spotlight, due to rumors that Downey wants Johnny Depp to appear in it. The more you investigate this rumor, the more false it becomes. It is based on an ancient narrative, and subsequent events seem to have made it even less likely that it is genuine. Here’s where the accusation comes from, and why it might not be true.

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Why is it unlikely that Johnny Depp will appear in Sherlock Holmes 3?

Many outlets have reported on the story, though not all have provided sources. Alternatively, they may have quoted it from another publication that does not include the original source. The Johnny Depp rumor started with an August 2020 National Enquirer article. “Johnny Depp and Robert have a very special 30-year friendship that dates back to their days as crazy Hollywood troublemakers…Robert believes Johnny Depp deserves the same opportunity to redeem himself as he did “according to an unnamed source referenced in the post.

This comment is difficult to verify because it comes from an unknown source, and the Enquirer is often not the most credible source. “Enquirer covers often feature remarks about celebrities that are grossly misleading, yet comply with libel law, as well as claims about politicians that are blatantly untrue,” according to a 2017 New Yorker story on the magazine. There is no evidence that the Enquirer quote is false. However, it’s unlikely we’ll see Depp in Sherlock Holmes 3 any time soon.

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