Explained: Amber Heard hid a bottle of water in court and drank accusations

Netizens see Amber Heard drinking in court through her water bottle trying to hide it from court officials. Since the infamous couple, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got married. The couple has been in the news from time to time. Taking the divorce soon after their marriage. The pair are currently facing off in Depp’s $50 million libel lawsuit at Heard over his 2018 op-ed.

Read on to find out more about the netizens who saw Amber Heard drinking in court and tried to cover it up.

Depp and Heard’s libel trial drew a lot of media attention

While Amber Heard has been claiming to have been abused by her ex-husband Depp during their marriage. Her 2018 op-ed where she claimed to be a survivor of domestic abuse is drawing attention. Although she in the opinion piece she did not name Depp. However, Depp dragged her down for it in court for the $50 million libel lawsuit against Heard.

Well, as such, the media is covering the entire libel trial that started this April and will end this month. Meanwhile, Johnny has already testified in court while Amber is testifying in court herself. However, Amber has not yet been questioned by Depp’s lawyers.

Fans of both actors are busy rooting for their stars.

While the Pirates of the Caribbean star is busy trying to prove that he too was a victim of domestic abuse in this case. Johnny Depp fans gather outside the pitch to show their support for his favorite star. As Depp’s fans always cheer him on off the pitch. Depp has also been greeting his fans all the time.

Meanwhile, Amber Heard’s fans are also busy supporting her. However, it seems that since the defamation trial began. Netizens are busy closely watching Heard’s body language to spot any lies. Well, some of them have even detected a lot of weird things in Heard.

Netizens see Amber Heard drinking in court through her water bottle

Both Depp and Heard have made their share of accusations against each other in court. Meanwhile, netizens recently discovered that Heard was drinking alcohol through her water bottle and immediately hid it when a court official walked past her.

Heard’s drinking video has gone viral on social media. However, so far there is no evidence to say that she was literally drinking alcohol. However, netizens have been looking at the videos of Amber Heard asking each other whether or not they were right to point that out.

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