Emmanuel the Emu TikTok Viral Video on the Internet

A tiktoker is gaining immense popularity among her farm animals, especially Emmanuel, the emu who loves to interrupt her when she’s making videos. Tiktoker has literally provided a great platform even for animals to win the hearts of everyone who loves to watch them. While lately, it’s hard to miss the emu in viral TikTok videos.

Read on to find out more about Emmanuel, the emu going viral on TikTok.

Emmanuel, the emu goes viral on TikTok

Surely, if you have been active on TikTok, you must have seen numerous contents on TikTok. Not just humans, even animal based videos go viral on the app. Some cute and funny animals just make everyone love them so much. Similar has been with tiktoker Taylor Blake who has been sharing videos on TikTok about her farm and her animals.

In the video of Taylor trying to make videos for her TikTok @knucklebumpfarms. Her farm animals interrupt her a lot. She that she always loves other users who love Taylor’s videos very much. As one of Ella Emmanuel’s farm animals, the emu is hard enough to miss.

Emmanuel and other farm animals love to interrupt tiktoker Taylor Blake

Taylor Blake posts her videos on TikTok, which are mostly informational videos about her farm animals. She is a farm worker who, in addition to her work, loves making videos with farm animals. But most of the time the videos of her have an uninvited guest and that is Emmanuel the emu.

Emmanuel loves getting in front of the camera and pecking at it while making funny faces. On the other hand, Taylor, despite trying to stop Emmanuel, fails. While the emu tries to get his own followers on the app. Not only that, Taylor gets more guests from the farm in her videos to interrupt while she gets the deer from her farm to come. While Ellen and Regina, Emmanuel’s sisters also join in.

User reaction to Emmanuel’s tiktok videos

Certainly, more of the Taylor Blake users love to see how their farm animals try to get into the videos. Making it all seem hilarious at the end. In fact, among all those farm animals, Emmanuel has been the one who loves to ignore what Taylor tells him to do.

But in all of that, users definitely get a show to see the hilarious animals with their hilarious acts. Taylor’s TikTok as such even has 679 thousand followers so far.

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