Ed Sheeran almost killed Elton John during the filming of the music video “Merry Christmas”

Ed Sheeran admitted to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Friday that he almost escaped seriously injuring Elton John just by filming his “Merry Christmas” video for the song. Like Ed Sheeran, 30 years old. Like Lowe, 48, he was discussing his new season song with the icon. The “A-Team” musician spoke about the tragedy that “nearly killed” 74-year-old Elton John. “We recently finished filming a video for a Christmas song. Oh no, friend. I almost killed him with something like a bell,” according to Sheeran.

“There is also a video in the film of me dressed up as a sexy Santa Claus and kicking a present. However, the gift also had a large metal bell on top. I gave him the video today since we downloaded it. Plus the bell whistled right over his head, snapping him in the head.”

“Oh my God, the terror that ran through my body. Since it was floating in the atmosphere.” Sheeran added, offering additional insight into the couple’s video clip.” However, the video for the song is crazy. We’ve mimicked all the amazing British videos that debuted over the holidays.”

Sheeran stated that both he and John would split the proceeds from his Christmas song. And dedicate money to organizations close to his emotions.

For John, it is most likely his Elton John AIDS Organization. Which has been created in 1992 and is dedicated to eradicating the global AIDS pandemic. Additionally, Sheeran has stated that he would contribute the proceeds to his Ed Sheeran Suffolk Music Association. This helps local children under the age of 18 obtain equipment and/or musical instruction.

Ed Sheeran and Elton John: Friendship

The bond between Sheeran and John has grown over time. Furthermore, the “Shivers” artist stated that John contacts him almost every day. “I think people assume I’m faking and bragging when I say he calls every day,” Sheeran revealed to Lowe in November. “Every morning, he contacts me.

Every day, especially if it’s just for a few seconds, he calls.”
Sheeran said this was one of those everyday phone conversations that lead to John and Sheeran creating “Merry Christmas” together. In October, Sheeran reported to the Dutch radio show NPO Radio 2. Elton called me on Christmas day to wish me a Merry Christmas sing.”

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran almost killed Elton John during the filming of the music video "Merry Christmas"

“On Christmas morning, he called and then said, ‘Walk Into Christmas,’ it’s just no. 6 on the charts, well I’m 74 but I’m still having hits on the charts, this is amazing! Sheeran remembered. “I would like to have another Christmas album; can you join me

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