Duke of Death and His Handmaiden Season 2 Officially Confirmed for 2023

The series adapted to the manga Duke Of Death and His Maid arrives with its second season. While we got the first season of the anime in September 2019, what we were looking forward to was the duke of death and the handmaiden of him with the second season of him. So now we finally have an update on when season two is coming.

Read on to know more about Duke Of Death and His Maid Season 2 and its other details.

When was Duke Of Death and His Maid season 2 announced?

While we got the first season of Duke Of Death and His Maid in the year 2019. A second season of the anime was announced soon after. In fact, a short teaser was also released. However, later due to the pandemic, it was stopped. However, now it seems that everything is going according to plan.

The audience loved the first season of the anime very much. It was certain that an upcoming season would definitely happen. So we have a launch update on when we can get the other season. So when can you expect to have the next season?

Duke Of Death And His Maid Season 2 Release Date

Although after the release of the anime trailer on July 9, everyone is eager to get the second season soon. However, it seems that it will not arrive this year. As we have, the anime season 2 release timeframe is 2023.

Therefore, it will not arrive at any time this year. Also, a specific release date has yet to be released. We could meet him in the coming months. Although we are speculating on what the second season is likely to bring as a story.

Expected Story of Duke Of Death and His Maid Season 2

Depending on where the first season of the anime ended. We’ll likely see both Duke and Alice trying to break the curse again. To voice Duke, Natsuki Hanae will return. While to give voice to Alice we will have Ayumi Mano.

Although we can not bet anything on what exactly the story of the second season would be. As I could continue the story of the Japanese manga book. Or you can go in a different direction to add a new twist to the story.

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