Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman: What’s your next wedding date?

Duane Lee’s “Dog” Chapman is a television personality in the United States. He is also a bounty hunter and former bail bondsman. Chapman’s Chapman came to international attention in 2003 as a bounty hunter for his burgeoning capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico and, the following year, he received his series, Dog the Bounty Hunter. was born on February 2, 1953.
He was married 5 times. And of those 4 times, she got divorced. Duane and Beth Smith’s last marriage was sweet and wonderful, but she passed away in 2019. And recently, Duane Chapman revealed that he is marrying Francie Frane again on September 2 of this year. Chapman has started dating Frane after Beth’s death from cancer.
And this news shocked the fans that he is once again getting married and is 68 years old. Their relationship shocked people. But they showed that love has no borders. It is pure and simple. During his guest appearance on the “Two Guys From Hollywood” podcast, he excitedly told the co-hosts, “I’m getting married and you’re invited.”

Duane Chapman
Duane 'Dog' Chapman: What's your next wedding date?

how your relationship started

The famous bounty hunter revealed about their bond, revealing that a few years ago he and Frane were in the same boat. Three years ago, Francie’s husband passed away. Meanwhile, more than two years ago Beth passed away. Chapman that it was very difficult to let this happen. He felt bad for wanting someone else after Beth. However, his belief helped him realize that it was okay for him to move on.

Duane Chapman also revealed how they grew closer and how they fell in love. In May 2020, he told how the couple bond began. When she lost Beth, she had already lost her husband to cancer within six months. So they began to talk to each other, share their things, yell or say cry and comfort each other. So this led things to move further. And they both liked spending time together. He added that it is fantastic that he was able to meet her.
Also, she talks about her husband and how he talks about Beth and shares his feelings. They hug each other in a difficult moment. She is lucky that at her age she finds someone who wants to marry him. Because as we get older, it’s hard to find this kind of love. God bless you and congratulations on your marriage.

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