Dua Lipa and Cher compared the debate on Twitter: the singer is called the “cher of our generation”

Dua Lipa and Cher recently turned out to be essential to an endless chat on Twitter. One Twitter user claimed the former was the ‘Cher of our era’, which started a suddenly serious conversation across social media. Although passionate fans of the Levitating artist fully supported her, others claimed that Cher was incomparable. The mindless competition between the two vocalists began when a Dua Lipa fan account called her the Cher of ‘our era’. The user attached a video of the two vocalists wearing similar outfits and displaying similar gestures. The tweet has since been shared on a few accounts, and the video has been viewed more than several times.

Significantly, though, this isn’t the first time Dua Lipa has been compared to the If I Could Turn Back Time frontwoman. In 2021, when Dua Lipa wore a Swarovski-covered handmade Versace outfit that had a huge butterfly on the bodice, several people compared it to Cher’s look from 1974. The comparison was also posted in the video mentioned above. During a concert in Paris in 2018, Dua Lipa respected the pop sensation when she wore Cher’s remarkable Bob Mackie nude dress with feathers and ‘Believe’ on it. Cher, 76, wore the dress to the 1974 Met Gala. The artists have also had their own collaborations with the Versace fashion house. According to Paper Magazine, Dua Lipa is reported to have named the face of the luxury brand in June 2021. Cher also worked with the Italian fashion house in late spring to make her own line Chersace.

Dua Lipa and Cher’s Twitter debate explained as netizens are divided on the singers’ talent

Cher has chimed in on Dua Lipa’s Twitter jokes and gone full ‘IDGAF’ with a cheeky reaction to fans gazing at the two vocalists. It’s akin to Cher offering her opinion on topics that mean something to her or even giving a smart answer, which is precisely what the singing legend did when fans of her made the comparison between her and singer Dua Lipa. In a now-deleted tweet, a fan called Dua Lipa the ‘Cher of our time’ and shared a clip of the 27-year-old appearing to be a young Cher. In the clip, Dua Lipa is at the point at the 2021 Grammys where she wore a butterfly-themed Versace outfit, with fans comparing it to two of Cher’s 1974 Grammys that had a comparative butterfly theme. . Dua Lipa also wore her hair straight and down, just like Cher during the ’70s.

The tweet blew up with certain fans backing the original poster’s view and others conflicting. However, things came to a head when a Dua Lipa fan shared the post saying ‘a lot of truth in a tweet’, tagging the ‘Levatating’ singer and the 76-year-old symbol, who thus opted to say something about what’s happening. The ‘Believe’ vocalist responded by asking ‘the number of years in an age’ along with a thinking emoticon. Cher’s tweet has reportedly had over 8,700 likes, 1,000 retweets, and 1,100 dating tweets. Twitter was soon split over the fact that certain people were backing Cher, saying that she “remains the Cher of our time,” while others have acknowledged that they don’t know any Cher songs. Dua Lipa has yet to comment on Cher’s comparison jokes and Cher has not liked any tweets or responses from fans. Dua Lipa obviously wouldn’t be the only celeb to love iconic legend Cher, Taylor Swift even referred to her well-known quote ‘mom, I’m a rich man’ in her ‘You Need To Calm Down’ music video in 2019.

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