Drake and Kanye feud: What did Drake say? Learn more about the Joker’s message

The clash between Drake and Kanye is well known to all. And recently, the clash was reignited when Trippie Redd’s song Betrayal was released. The lyrics of this song indirectly hinted at Kanye. To which, Kanye took to Instagram and responded to Drake.

What did Drake say about Kanye?

The newly released song Betrayal sparked a heated argument between Drake and Kanye on social media. Fans have been wondering if the lyrics were really hinting at Kanye.

Before jumping to any conclusions, let’s first break down Drake’s lyrics. The lyrics read: “All these suckers I’m complaining to that I barely know Forty-five, forty-four, let it go, you ain’t trading shit for me.”

In these lines it is said that “Ye” refers to Kanye. One more fact that points to Kanye is the age mentioned in the lines “45-44”. Because rapper Donda belongs to the same age category.

Drake and Kanye feud: What did Drake say? Learn more about the Joker's message

Let’s talk about Kanye West’s Joker message

Kanye took to Instagram and shared his response to Drake’s words in his song ‘Betrayal’. She shared a screenshot of the Joker meme messages Kanye sent in the group chat for Drake.

Their rivalry has grown to a level that was never accepted. This is clearly seen in the lines of Kanye’s message that reads “You will never recover. I promise.”

However, Kanye deleted the post a short time after posting it. But the fans haven’t stopped. The post has gone viral and everyone is talking about it.

The investigated meat

Not that the feud between Drake and Kanye started immediately after the song. But the one has been going on for several years. According to NME, the feud started in 2010 when a song ‘Finding your love’ came out. This song was written by Drake and Kanye together.

We don’t know exactly what happened, but we do get glimpses of their fight from time to time. In 2011, Drake’s statement highlighted the theme saying: “My goal is to surpass everything he has achieved. I don’t want to be as good as Kanye, I want to be better.”

After this, both of them never shared a good and nice relationship as it was completely ruined. Drake wrote again in 2013 saying, “Ye and I just fell into this where we hadn’t spoken to each other in so long this all built up.”

Their bond was ruined and never took a good turn. Even today, they do not have a good relationship.

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