Donda by Kanye West – Is the explicit version not available on Spotify? Why? Discover it here!

Donda – Explicit version: Kanye West’s releases not only quickly become popular but also create quick attention among his fans. The attraction is independent of the gender that the singer chooses. Now the attention shifted to research on the Gospel. On August 29, the Universal Music group released Donda. began to wave among the followers. Let’s see what’s going on with West’s new album!

Previously, the Donda album spans 27 tracks with a total of 108 minutes. This album features artists like The Weeknd, Lil Baby, Jay-Z, Playboi Carti, etc. In this hurricane, Jail and Off the Grid generated more than 20 million views per song. Thus, a total of 357 million streams and over 37,000 copies sold so far.

Donda by Kanye West - Is the explicit version not available on Spotify? Why? Discover it here!

This new album has an explicit version. But the question is why is this album not the same as others? There are many reasons and fan theories. Let’s see it one by one.
It’s important to note that West and Universal Music Group have a bit of a falling out with each other. This is due to what Kanye West said in an Instagram post that Universal published before Kanye said.
Read below to find out if the explicit version of Donda is available or not.

Does Spotify only have the clear version?

Currently, yes, Donda is only in the clear version and not in the uncensored version. However, the uncensored album Donda was on Spotify but the only uncensored album. Whenever there is some inconvenience like now, there would be two versions. An uncensored version is for the mature audience and a clear version is for others. But, during the start of the Donda release, he came up with a clear version on August 29. There should be some kind of glitch when launching it, fans believe.

However, it has been more than a week since the album was released. So far, there is no sign about the explicit version of Donda in the entire streaming forum. There is no clear evidence why the singer, as well as the musical group, made a movie like this.

Quite rightly, many devoted fans decided to make a move, thus coming up with some kind of theories and speculation as to why the explicit version is not available as of yet. Let’s see it now!

Donda by Kanye West - Is the explicit version not available on Spotify? Why? Discover it here!

The reasons of the fans:

First off, Kanye had a few things to say about his new album. On Instagram, he shared a post that Universal Music did not ask his permission for this release. Additional information is that the group inhibited the album’s song “Jail 2”. However, Kanye deleted this post. However, it is believed that West did not have full control over the release of his album. Later, the song Jail 2 was released on the same platform.

Speculation as to why the studios may have pulled it earlier because it features artists like Marilyn Manson and DaBaby in it. Previously, Marilyn accused West of sexual abuse. Whereas, on DaBaby’s Rolling Loud, there was a homophobic dilemma in the comments section.
@FakeShoreDrive’s Andrew made a clear statement in 2019 that West is no longer interested in performing secular music. Likewise, Kim Kardashian approached to say that Kanye began to leave healing from his personal problems.

Finally, another speculation is that Kayne is looking to hit big popularity numbers. This brings back the big name of her in the music industry and thus garners huge nominations and demand. Observing the huge stir this issue creates; We could say that the explicit version of Donda will have a great impact. This is sure to attract a large number. Therefore, time will tell what will happen.

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