Doja Cat Loses 200K Instagram Followers After Her DM Row About Joseph Quinn

Doja Cat and Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp’s feud is making things worse for the singer, as she has now lost 200K followers on her Instagram. While everyone knows full well what went wrong between Noah and Doja. The whole fight between Doja and Noah was generating a lot of buzz on social media.

Read on to learn more about Doja Cat’s loss of 200,000 followers on IG over the Noah Schnapp incident.

Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp Incident

With Stranger Things Season 4 arriving this month on the streaming platform. Everyone was in love with the series. As a new character, Eddie Munson was making everyone love him. However, Eddie played by Joseph Quinn’s madness went so far that Doja Cat ended up DMing Noah Schnapp to get in touch with Quinn.

He had a text with Noah where he wanted to know about Qinn from Noah. About whether or not Quinn had a girlfriend. While she also said that she couldn’t find her social media profile to contact him. In response to this, Noah shared one of Quinn’s profiles. However, that was not the only thing that happened. Noah ended up publicly leaking his and Doja’s DMs.

Noah Schnapp criticized for leaking direct messages with Doja

The moment Noah made his and Doja’s DMs public. Leaked DMs went viral on social media. In fact, netizens even reacted. While some criticized Noah Schnapp for leaking the DMs. Some were quick enough to criticize Doja Cat for asking a young man to hook her up with Quinn.

Recently, even Andrew Schulz gave his reaction on Noah and Doja’s leaked DM incident. Where he said that Doja should have asked his agent to contact Quinn. While he went on to say that Noah shouldn’t have leaked the DMs. Which, according to him, is somewhat embarrassing for whoever is involved in this.

Doja Cat loses 200k followers on IG

Doja was no doubt critical of Noah leaking her DMs on social media. It seems that things have turned upside down for her in this case. According to some reports, Noah Schnapp has had an increase in his following. As he has gained 1 million followers on Instagram.

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Also, the opposite happened with Doja Cat. She has lost around 200k followers of hers on Instagram after Noah’s infamous DM leak.

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