Doja Cat Had Tonsil Surgery And Is Quitting Vaping, Says She ‘Could Have Bad News’ For Fans

Doja Cat is opening up about recent tonsil surgery she had to undergo due to an infection caused by drinking and vaping while attending the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

Doja Cat Revealed About Tonsil Surgery

The singer, who took home two accolades at the weekend’s big awards show, took to Twitter on Thursday to announce the news of her oral surgery, meaning she won’t be singing again anytime soon.
“The doctor had to remove my left tonsil. He was infected with an abscess. My whole throat is messed up so I may have some nasty news for you soon,” Doja Cat wrote. “My tonsils got sick before bbmas, and was on antibiotics but forgot about them, and then drank wine and I vaped all day,” he said.

Doja Cat went on to discuss the medical process in detail.

The “I need to know” artist said she underwent surgery to remove an abscess from her left tonsil. “The doctor had to remove her left tonsil. I had an abscess on it. My whole throat is damaged, so I may have bad news for you shortly,” she said. “No, my tonsils got infected before BBM,” she stated. “And I was taking antibiotics but I forgot about them, and then i drank wine and vaped all day, and then i had a horrible growth on my tonsil, i had to have surgery today.” I’m good”.

Doja Cat will stop vaping

Doja Cat reacted to fan concerns. Saying she would try to have her tonsils removed “soon.” And that she would try to stop vaping “for a while” to not want it anymore. On The Weeknd’s upcoming After Hours Till Dawn summer tour, the “Kiss Me More” rapper will support her on tour.

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