Disney Plus’s controversial Baymax scene explained as fans defend the Disney series

Conservative idiots are losing their minds over a scene in “Baymax” that incorporates a transmasculine character shopping on the tampon runway. The rest of the Internet is celebrating.

Baymax, another series based on the most beloved bloated robot from Big Hero 6 on Disney+, has incorporated several LGBTQ+ characters, an unusual and groundbreaking work to promote inclusion in children’s television. In one scene, for example, an individual who has all the makings of a transmasculine character is seen shopping at a tampon runway.

Normally, trolls in bad faith are consequently furious through social networks. Be that as it may, most viewers are excited to see a much-needed portrayal of the company.

Baymax Controversy

On Wednesday, June 29, Christopher Rufo, a conservative activist, writer, and individual at the Manhattan Institute, took to Twitter to feature a clip from the Disney Plus show Baymax. According to Rufo, the leaked footage was acquired by him before the arrival of Wednesday’s program.

The tweet referred to the clip “advancing the transgender flag and the possibility that men can have periods for children up to two years old.” He further stated:

In the 27-second clip, the healthcare robot is seen standing on the feminine hygiene catwalk of a shopping mall. Baymax also continued to request help from a female customer regarding the purchase of a sanitary pad or tampon.

Baymax controversy scene

In the third episode of the series, called “Sofia”, a preteen character heads to the all-gender bathroom at her middle school. She gets her first period before the talent show, however Baymax, the clever robot who has specialized in health care, is ready to help. He heads to the grocery store to buy some pads, tampons, etc. for the young.

As may be obvious, Baymax is seen soliciting tampons and feminine items from customers at a store. Each customer suggests an alternate item, which leaves Baymax with a bunch of hilariously handy items. One package was delivered by a customer wearing a t-shirt depicting the trans flag.

Claims about the Baymax series about the transgender flag

The responses on Twitter were spellbound. Many found the interaction charming and considered the robot a “darling.” Others scoffed at Disney’s “waking up” philosophy and were concerned about the point of being raised in a child-centric show.

Disney’s long overdue introduction of puberty, menstruation, and queer identity in its projects has been a blitzkrieg in the midst of the culture war and the current state of retrogressive moral panic. In the previous year alone, the arrivals of Turning Red and Lightyear, which included menstruating characters and a gay couple, separately sparked outrage from conservative parents unwilling to see the need for representation and education in youth-oriented entertainment. .


Baymax! shows the importance of making sense of periods in a quick moment. In the episode about menstruation, Sofia has no idea what to do. In an emergency, she sheds tears of anguish at her inconvenience. “I wasn’t ready for this! The dispenser is empty, she yells at her. I don’t even have a tampad. A pad pon. A maxi-pad-pon with wings?

Now though, when other young watchers experience their first periods, they may not need to push as hard to care for him. Baymax and Disney have published a significant example. What’s more, far superior, assuming someone in the crowd is transmasculine, they will realize that they are not alone in the world.

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