Diddy joins Kanye West in boycotting Adidas after rapper’s dispute with brand

Diddy and Swizz Beatz reportedly joined the fight along with Kanye West against Adidas. The 45-year-old ‘Donda’ rapper has been in a public feud with Adidas and Gap, two companies he had previously signed deals with to sell his Yeezy brand, blaming them for leaving him to get to know his items and stealing the designs. of the.

After Ye publicly smeared the brands, Diddy, 52, and rapper/music creator Swizz Beatz, 43, took to their social media platforms to show their support for Kanye West. In a text message screenshot posted independently to Diddy and Kanye West’s Instagram accounts, Diddy told the ‘Gold Digger’ artist: ‘please can you [sic] Send me something I can post by your side! I could post in support of you! I will never wear Adidas in the future until the end of my life on the off chance that they don’t do you any good!

Kanye West, legally known as Ye, responded to the post: “Praise God I love you.” Another slide in the post uncovered a photo of Adidas-launched Yeezy-type shoes with a red ‘x’ over the photo. Music producer and rapper Swizz Beatz also shared his support for Kanye West, posting the ex’s shoes with a caption that read: ‘I always mind my own business but this is TOTALLY WRONG! If we let them do this to @kanyewest, it will happen to us too!

Diddy joins Kanye West in boycotting Adidas after rapper's dispute with brand

Rapper Diddy vows to boycott Adidas after Kanye West’s dispute with the brand

Kanye West’s allies are reportedly lining up for his inexorably heated showdown with Adidas and he currently has several hip hop heavyweights willing to back him. Both Swizz Beatz and Diddy supported Kanye West’s recent attacks on shoe brand Adidas with their own individual Instagram posts. Swizz Beatz, who is currently embroiled in a legal culture war with Triller over Verzuz, admitted that he was meddling in the discussion, but at the same time urged Adidas to treat Ye like a Spike Lee joint and make the best decision.

Diddy joins Kanye West in boycotting Adidas after rapper's dispute with brand

The post was reportedly supported by industry execs like Bu Thiam and Dre London…also, in the end, Diddy, who messaged Ye, promising not to wear anything made by Adidas until everything was streamlined. Diddy referred to Run-DMC for spearheading the brand in hip-hop fashion, however he took steps to burn everything down, making Ye and the culture even more disrespected. The Bad Boy CEO has emerged as a gatekeeper of sorts in 2022… taking precisely the same position with Swizz and Timbaland in their battle against Triller. Ye has been blaming sportswear for allegedly stealing his designs, only to sell them in lower-quality and expensive versions and request meetings with different company bosses.

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