Did Zac Efron Have Facial Plastic Surgery? as his face muscles got ‘really big’ after injury

Zac Efron has responded to rumors that he had plastic surgery, with the artist revealing that the changes in the shape of his jaw were actually the side effect of an injury. The 34-year-old High School Musical star first ignited rumors about the plastic surgery procedure in April 2021, when she appeared in a clip promoting an Earth Day special with Bill Nye. At the time, fans were quick to see a difference in the structure of Zac Efron’s face, with many questioning whether his newly articulated jaw was the result of cosmetic surgery. In another interview with Men’s Health, Zac Efron had a viral discussion about his appearance, baptized as ‘jaw-door’, where he clarified that the change in his face was due to a mishap that broke his jaw and the physical therapy that followed. injury.

According to Zac Efron, he broke his jaw when he slipped while running around his house in his socks. The fall, which caused him to smash his jaw against the stone corner of a fountain, reportedly left him unconscious, with the artist telling the outlet that when he came to, his jaw was hanging off his face. Due to the injury, Efron said the muscles inside his jaw and face needed more work to repair, and clarified that he seeks to mediate by working with a trained professional and doing physical therapy.

Did High School Musical Star Zac Efron Have Facial Plastic Surgery? How his face muscles got ‘really big’ after injury

Zac Efron was promoting Bill Nye’s ‘Earth Day Musical’ on Facebook Watch in April 2021 when fans saw that he looked, all things considered, something different. Specifically, his jawline looked somewhat changed, which set off tweeters and web commenters to wonder if the High School Musical and Neighbors star had gotten a cosmetic procedure everywhere. Today, in Men’s Health’s new cover story, the 34-year-old is reportedly setting the record straight about his massive jaw that was recovering from a gruesome injury.

As Zac Efron explains in the interview, the injury to his face was pretty close to 18 months in which he also tore his anterior cruciate ligament, dislocated his shoulder, broke his wrist, and hurt his back. The facial injury was a pure accident, he says; he was walking past his house in his socks when he slipped, hit his face on the rocky corner of a fountain and passed out. By the time he woke up, he says, his jaw was hanging off his face. The animator says that he does physical therapy to restore this injury, but for a while he stopped; he also says that the muscles of the face work together like a symphony, so one part of his facial masseter muscles, which are used for chewing, had to compensate for the others not being fully healthy.

While spending time in Australia, he put his facial therapy on hold, and this was the time he shot the video for the Bill Nye special. The masseters developed recently, she says. They just got really, really big. Zac Efron didn’t really realize that the size of his jaw had set the internet on fire until his own mother called to ask if he had plastic surgery. However, he doesn’t let that kind of online gossip get on his nerves and he says that he wouldn’t have the career that he has if he did. Assuming that he estimated the thought process of others about me to the extent that they might think I do, he adds, he would definitely not have the option of doing this job.

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