Did Wendy Williams lose weight? fans worried as she reveals cropped frame

Wendy Williams is going through a tough time right now as her health issues are ruining her personal and professional life. Everyone is worried about Wendy Williams’ latest appearance after she was seen looking incredibly skinny.

What conversation did Wendy Williams have with a fan?

In a social media video, Wendy was seen chatting with a fan. While battling health issues, the 58-year-old has stopped hosting her popular show and kept a low profile. Wendy has a history of surprising both her fans and her supporters. Her manager, William Shelby, disputes her most recent allegation that she was married to Henry, a police officer. Wendy is seen showing off her engagement ring to a fan in a recently uploaded video. What do you have to say about the camera? the fan then questioned Wendy. She has been out shopping, buying things, waiting for him to come back, Wendy replied.

Fans expressed concern about Wendy Williams’ health

Fans of the talk show host expressed concern about Wendy’s health. One person tweeted: “Wendy definitely doesn’t seem okay. No, I don’t think she’s drug related.” Another added: “She should be surrounded by those who truly care about her. It’s tragic. This woman is a hall of famer and an icon to her generation. It’s heartbreaking to see her in these conditions. She go, she looks at the eyes of the compass and the fingers that point in all directions”.

Yeah, Wendy doesn’t look too good. And no, I don’t think it’s drugs.

– Anna Wintour’s tired ass (@Xunkn0) August 1, 2022

Wendy’s manager, William, said in a statement that he has no concerns about his client. However, he admitted that Wendy is not very healthy either. He stated, “Do you have any concerns for me? She’s not in the best shape, I’ll admit. No, I think Wendy is just being Wendy. She currently has a lot on her plate.”

Wendy Williams was asked to leave her position as hostess

Due to her ongoing battle with lymphedema, Wendy was asked to step down as host of her own show, “The Wendy Williams Show,” the final episode of which aired on June 17. Despite Wendy’s intention to air her own podcast in the future, sources told me no deal has been struck because the big podcast distributors have refused to collaborate with her.

Most major corporations have passed on, according to another source, because they don’t want him to be embarrassed and don’t think he gets the job done every day. People don’t have much faith in his management either, the person continued. the source reported, “Both she and her colleagues are unreliable. They don’t have a lot of experience or in-depth knowledge of the podcast industry.”

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