Did Cordae and Naomi Osaka break up? fan reaction

It seems that things are not perfect in the paradise of Cordae, the rapper who dates the Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka. The two have been dating for the past three years, but it seems the tennis star’s mysterious post from a few days ago has caused some controversy.

There are various rumors that Cordae aka YBN Cordae and Naomi Osaka are no longer dating. As soon as they heard about the rumours, social media users flocked to Twitter. Wolverine’s new beard that the 24-year-old rapper sported during his Lollapalooza performance was widely mocked as the reason Naomi dumped him. Although neither Cordae nor Naomi Osaka have officially announced their separation, the former would have stopped following the hip-hop musician on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, adding fuel to the fire.

Have Cordae and Naomi Osaka called it quits?

Naomi Osaka reportedly hinted at her alleged breakup with Cordae in a tweet that she later deleted, according to SportsKeeda. The four-time Grand Slam winner wrote: “If a person continually has to remind you that he is a good guy, there is about a 1000 percent chance that he is not. On social media, Naomi may have dropped some hints, while Cordae has kept quiet about her alleged breakup. The tennis player deleted some photos that she had previously posted with Cordae, as well as unfollowing the North Carolina native on social media.

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Naomi and Cordae discussed their intention to keep their relationship private in an interview with GQ published in February 2021. Before anyone knew about us, we had been dating for about a year. Because I believe that intimate moments are sacrosanct, we tend to move in a very private way, Cordae continued. Actually, a relationship is a precious thing. It loses its sanctity once you expose it to extraneous forces.

Speculation that Naomi Osaka and Cordae were splitting up received a quick response from social media users.

As another user asked: “Naomi Osaka and Cordae broke up? “, one replied, “Naomi Osaka and Cordae’s breakup proves the only real thing is J Cole going triple platinum WITHOUT FEATURES.” She’ll lose that cash, . Another added, “This was anticipated. She blew up more than While another said: “Good for her too bad she’s with that conscious rapper she needs to get in touch with Carti or me.

The subsequent tweet referenced the rapper’s recent Lollapalooza appearance by writing, “It’s that dumb beard.” One added, “That’s why his beard looks like that because it hurts,” at the same time.

He gained 40 pounds and grew this beard, so of course she’s gone, one person joked, while another said, “After seeing Cordae with those muddy sideburns, I knew Naomi dumped him.” “Naomi dumped Cordae for that Martin Van Buren beard huh,” one person added in conclusion.

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