Deveraux Cannick, R. Kelly’s defense attorney’s opinion on the case’s verdict

R Kelly, 54, was recently convicted of sexually assaulting multiple children and women during his career. Let’s take a look at the case and R. Kelly’s defense attorney Deveraux Cannick’s opinion on the guilty verdict in the case.

Sexual abuse of children, creation of pornographic material. Destruction of evidence, kidnapping and forced labor were among the eight charges of sexual exploitation. That Chicago native was charged and convicted. In fact, he was convicted on one count of extortion for being the instigator of a coercive operation. That attracts women and children to be abused by him.

Several believe that the artist will spend a long time behind bars. Despite the fact that his sentence is not scheduled until May 4, 2022, more than eight months away. For the past six weeks, the case has already been ongoing.

The Kelly Case Indictment

During the trial, R Kelly was prosecuted by a multitude of independent lawyers.

The accusation, on the other hand, was carried out by Elizabeth Geddes. A 15-year veteran of the United States Attorney General’s Office in brooklyn. Elizabeth appears to have a lot of experience in organized crime and gave the closing argument at R Kelly’s trial.

R. Kelly Defense Attorney

Deveraux Cannick, R Kelly’s attorney, represented Kelly during the six-week trial.

The Bronx County District Attorney is a graduate of Fordham University School of Law. And he has spent most of his employment there as well. He has worked in both civil and criminal matters throughout his career. And he’s been involved in a number of high-profile cases.

Deveraux Cannick
Deveraux Cannick, R. Kelly's defense attorney's opinion on the case's verdict

He was chosen as the lead prosecution in the case Citizens of the State of New York v. Larry Davis in 1990, one of the most well-known trials in the Bronx. In which Larry Davis was charged with multiple murders.

Deveraux Cannick on R Kelly’s guilty verdict

Following the conviction, Deveraux and R Kelly expressed their disappointment with the outcome. Stating that the defense team will challenge him.

He was quoted as saying: “He did not expect this conviction as it depends on the evidence. Why else would you predict this verdict? “You witnessed the testimony after eyewitnesses provided three, four, five different accounts of what happened here,” says the narrator. He said: “The authorities carefully chose the part that they assume will be a repeat of something like the scenario initially presented through Surviving R Kelly.”

Deveraux argued that the state “ignored discrepancies.” That the testimonies provided and why he is “dissatisfied”. Not only because of the “judge’s verdict” but also because of the “court verdict”.

Deveraux Cannick, who stepped in as Kelly’s defense attorney just months before the long-awaited hearing. He claimed at trial that her victims were former admirers who became enraged after falling out of favor with him. And also that her sexual encounters were voluntary. He made headlines when he compared Kelly to Martin Luther King, Jr., the assassinated civil rights leader.

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