Demi Lovato Reveals Her ‘Holy Fvck’ World Tour Will Be Her Last

Demi Lovato recently announced that her current tour will reportedly be her last time on tour.

Here is everything you need to know.

Demi Lovato Says ‘Holy Fvck’ Tour Will Be Her Last

Demi Lovato took to Instagram on Monday to announce that she will no longer be touring after reportedly wrapping up her current tour.

She wrote on one of her Instagram Stories: “I’m so fucking sick I can’t get out of bed.”

Additionally, Lovato said in a second post, “I can’t do this anymore.”

He then revealed in the follow-up story: ‘This next tour will be our last. I love and thank you guys.’

The three since-deleted Instagram Stories were superimposed over an image of a hotel room window.

Although Lovato claimed her ‘next tour’ will be her last, many outlets assume the 30-year-old singer is talking about her current tour, ie ‘Holy Fvck’.

The Sorry Not Sorry hitmaker is currently on the road for her Holy Fvck world tour, which is in support of her eighth studio album of the same name.

Also, Lovato said in another Instagram story: ‘I’m going to be able to do it for you. [sick emoji] [black heart emoji] I’ll need help singing so sing loud for me bb!

The Disney alum then shared a backstage selfie of herself on the social media platform.

In addition, he captioned the image with a text that read: “I barely have a voice, I’m going to point the microphone at the audience a lot tonight.”

Fans React To Demi Lovato’s ‘Holy Fvck’ Tour As The Last

Naturally, Demi Lovato’s announcement caused an internet uproar as fans were shocked by the news.

Many fans took to various social media platforms to shower the Skyscraper singer with love and support.

One fan said: ‘Demi Lovato means the whole world to me. But I’ve always had this horrible feeling every time they go on tour, it’s not good for them mentally or physically.

Additionally, a second fan wrote: ‘We love you Demi, you are not alone. Remember that you and your health are above everything.’

Additionally, another user chimed in saying, ‘I think we forgot the trauma Demi Lovato has been through. We forget how heavy day to day is for them. I was surprised when they announced a tour. All I could wish for is for Demi to be happy, hard to read, but keeping Demi healthy, that’s what matters.

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