Dave Navarro: Why did you leave the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Star reunited with Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis, Dave Navarro’s former bandmate with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP), recently met with the former. During his brief stint with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP), the guitarist left an indelible mark on the band’s fans.

After spending three years with the band, Dave broke up in 1998. The band recorded only one album during this period, 1995’s One Hot Minute.

What made Dave Navarro leave RHCP?

Warner Bros, which handles the documentation for RHCP, released a statement quoting singer Anthony Kiedis, who stated: “This is a completely mutual parting based on creative differences.”

In some of the online reports, Dave was said to be concentrating on Spread, a new band that he posed with drummer Chad Smith.

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An episode of the Dark Matter podcast from 2018 spoke candidly about Dave’s departure. He went into detail about the reasons for his decision to leave.

Then I finally showed up for a Chili Peppers rehearsal and we had a tour booked and I couldn’t really hit a note.

In the book, Anthony described how he literally tripped over speakers, storage equipment, and whatever else was on the floor. The result was that she almost fell into a pile of boxes. His answer was quite clear: he was not going to be able to come up with a plan. The result was that they opted for an alternative method.

Bandmate Anthony Kiedis meets the star

At a recent benefit concert in Los Angeles, RHCP’s Dave and Anthony reunited after more than twenty years apart.

The two sang Lou Reed’s 1972 song Walk on the Wild Side.

David had reportedly planned to book Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and Billy Idol as special guests, but both backed out. Anthony joined the show at that time for the special performance and a semi-reunion.

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This was the first time the two musicians had performed together since 1997.

In 1993, after the first demise of Jane’s Addiction and the departure of John Frusciante, Navarro joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers. One Hot Minute with Navarro was released by the Chili Peppers in 1995. That’s how long Navarro was in charge, so the title is ironic.

The rest is history as Franky Frusciante returned, Jane’s Addiction reunited and the rest is history.

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