Danger!’ Champion Matt Amodio catches the eye of Ken Jennings after another record

On Monday, Matt Amodio resumed his “Jeopardy!” game win streak, shattering another milestone for the program.

Last week’s action saw the Ph.D. candidate from New Haven, Connecticut, surpasses James Holzhauer as the player with the second-most consecutive wins in the game’s existence. With 33 wins just in time, now 35, Amodio is legally second only to Ken Jennings, who actually leads with 74 wins.

However, a skit Amodio took during Tuesday’s episode of Final Jeopardy caught the attention of the show’s monarch on Twitter.

Matt Amodio wrapped up the show Tuesday with a high-stakes play on Final Jeopardy that paid off, giving him the largest single-day total wins on “Jeopardy.” ever. According to Yahoo, while earning $41,800 than the next highest competitor, he bid $37,000 on the final track, which could cost him not only a tournament but his winning streak.

However, he provided the correct solution and proceeded to earn $83,000 in a single session.

Ken Jennings on Matt Amodio’s victory

“Danger!” supporters rushed to Twitter to applaud the bold choice and applaud the record-breaking winner, as they always have. However, the biggest prize came in the form of a modest one-word tweet from Jennings, the host of “Jeopardy!”

He commented, “Woah,” in the comments section of a press release announcing the big win. Additionally, Amodio commented, “If only I could get that Ken Jennings scent off the #Jeopardy winner’s platform.”

When asked about finishing second to the famous “Jeopardy!” player, said Amodio because she has great admiration for him.

“Ken will always be the face of ‘Jeopardy!’ to me, so I imagine him when I hear ‘Jeopardy!,’” Amodio said. “It’s a strange feeling to be right next to him.” Matt Amodio could be on the show when Jennings hosts if his lucky streak continues. In September, it was announced that Jennings would share a guest host with Mayim Bialik this season as the series searches for a new regular host after the uproar surrounding Mike Richards’ departure.

What is Danger?

“Danger!” is a traditional TV show with a modern twist. Participants contribute queries and solutions are delivered first. Three candidates participate in 6 pools and three rounds (so that the “answers” in each round get an additional cash prize), along with the winner of the previous program.

Players can select their own reward in the final game, “Final Jeopardy”, as long as it is within the sum of money they have actually won. A contestant is disqualified from “Final Jeopardy” if he completes the final game with no money. Art Fleming hosted the first season of “Jeopardy!” on NBC, which ran from 1964 to 1975. Alex Trebek first appeared on the show in 1984.

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