Danbury Fair Mall Shooting: Teen Injured, Learn More Here

Police have taken the entire area around The Danbury Fair Mall into custody. Connecticut State Police have been investigating the shooting that took place at the mall. The suspects shot a 16-year-old girl in the chest.

The suspects are under police observation and are being searched. The police stated that there were at least 8 people involved, but only one of them fired the gun. Police gathered in the area after local public reported hearing gunshots.

The injured girl was there. The entire area was on lockdown. The girl was not part of the group.

The suspects escaped from the Danbury Fair Mall and police said they had acquired CCTV video. The police will find the suspects by CCTV video in a few days. A suspect was holding a hammer, may be the primary target. There is no lock now, as the scene is clear.

danbury fair mall
Danbury Fair Mall Shooting: Teen Injured, Learn More Here

There was one person, Tyreef Mahboob, who was one of the locals. He explained the entire scene to the police and filed an FIR report. The incident took place at 7 pm The victim was highly “alert and conscious” at the scene, according to police. Housatonic Area Regional Transit reported that no services would be provided to the mall.

CPD said it is helping the Danbury Police Department catch suspects as soon as possible and making sure people avoid going there. A spokesperson for the Department of Emergency Services reported around 9 pm that the situation was not an active shooting or mass murder situation.

A witness provided information to the police and said foxnews that he heard gunshots at 6:30 pm There were many videos showing children running back and forth to stay safe. Large crowds were also gathering in the nearby parking lot to watch the police inaction. CPD rescued two victims who were hiding behind the rear of the garage.

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