Dallas Cowboys 2022: Tickets, price and where to buy

The Dallas Cowboys gave fans a delicious game to watch when they beat the New York Giants. Well, not only that, post your recent game on Monday, we’ve got fans waiting to buy tickets to your upcoming NFL games. So if you too want to be there to watch the Dallas Cowboys games. Then here you have all the details about the upcoming events and their tickets.

Read on to find out more about the Dallas Cowboys and tickets to their upcoming games.

Upcoming Dallas Cowboys Events in 2022

For all you NFL fans out there, we have the Dallas Cowboys playing really well this year. As such, we will have their next events in October, November and December of this year. On October 2 we will have Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Commanders.

On the 9th they will face the Los Angeles Rams. On the 16th he will have them against the Philadelphia Eagles. On the 23rd they will face the Detroit Lions. While 30 will see them play for the Chicago Bears. His next game will be on November 13 against the Green Bay Packers. The 20th will bring them against the Minnesota Vikings. On the 24th he will have them again with the New York Giants. Post this, his next matches will be in December.

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Where to buy Dallas Cowboys tickets for the NFL season?

In case you want to have your tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys games. So you can have your tickets available on various websites. Although the team’s website lists Seat Geek as their official partner this time. So, try that website for tickets.

Additionally, you can also get your tickets from the Ticketmaster website. While in addition to these two sites, you’ll also find tickets at Vivid Seats, Stubhub and Viagogo, and more. Do not forget that all these websites may have different prices for tickets.

How much are NFL tickets?

If you are confused about the price of NFL tickets. Then we have Seat Geek selling tickets from $25 to $200. The next game with the Dallas Cowboys is available for $25. The premium ones are as expensive as $2000.

On Ticketmaster, it’s available for $27 to $400. The only upcoming matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles will have tickets available for $175 to $620. However, live seats can have tickets ranging from $23 to $5000.

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