Daddy Yankee setlist revealed for 2022 farewell tour

Popular rapper Daddy Yankee has revealed the track list for his long-awaited 2022 farewell tour. Back in March, when the rapper announced that he was retiring from his music career, everyone was shocked. However, he mentioned that before that, he would be having his farewell tour. That Daddy Yankee fans are looking forward to. So when will that happen?

Read on to find out more about Daddy Yankee’s tracklist announced as he goes on a farewell tour this year.

Daddy Yankee announced his retirement plan in March

Daddy Yankee has been a rapper who took his music career to great heights. Some of his most popular hit songs were Gasolina, Somos de Calle and Despacito. While his hit list is really long. However, it came as a shock to fans of him when he announced in March this year that he was retiring from him.

Daddy Yankee posted a video on his website sharing that he wants to retire from his music career. However, he later announced to his fans that he would also have a farewell tour this year. Meanwhile, he even delivered his seventh studio album as his last album with “Legendaddy”.

Daddy Yankee reveals the setlist of his farewell tour

Before Daddy Yankee retired from his music career. He is going to have his tour this year which is titled “La Ultima Vuelta World Tour”. This tour would serve as his farewell tour. The tour will have 90 shows. Where it would start from July 16 of this year to January 8 of next year.

This year’s Last Vuelta World Tour will take place for the first time in Torremolinos, Spain. The last day of the farewell tour will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Daddy Yankee’s farewell tour is to have destinations in Europe, North America and South America. The full list is available on the rapper’s website.

Ticket details for La Ultima Vuelta World Tour 2022

Yankee has been a popular rapper who has a huge following. Therefore, no one should be thinking of missing out on his farewell tour. Therefore, he must get his tour tickets as soon as possible. Tickets for the tour are on sale.

Therefore, you can have your tickets for the tour on the Ticketmaster website. Where you can check ticket prices and ticket categories as well.

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