Craig Coyne, the father of Barbara Bush’s newborn baby: their relationship explored

Recently, George W. Bush’s daughter, Barbara Bush, gave birth to a baby girl on Monday. Everyone is happy to hear about the news. Fans are excited to find out more about Barbara Bush and her husband Craig Coyne. So, here in this article, we will see more about it.

George W. Bush Ad and Reaction-

George’s daughter, Barbara, 39, gives birth to a girl. Her name is Cora Georgia Coyne. The baby is born on Monday. George W. Bush announced this news saying: “With all our hearts, Laura and I are delighted to announce the birth of our new granddaughter. Barbara gave birth to Cora Georgia Coyne on September 27, 2021 in Maine, which is not far from our family home where Barbara and Craig were married. Cora is healthy and adorable, and we are proud and grateful.” This declaration of hers signifies her happiness and joy for her granddaughter.

Barbara Bush's newborn baby
Craig Coyne, the father of Barbara Bush's newborn baby: their relationship explored

Who is Barbara’s husband?

Barbara Bush’s husband is Craig Coyne. Craig Coyne is an actor and director. He has done many movies like Jarhead in 2015, Ask Play in 2017 and LonelyGirl15 in 2007. Despite that, he is also a part of many other movies but the ones mentioned above are some of his famous movies. Right now, he is more inclined towards his career as a writer than as an actor. Before starting an acting career, Craig is a politician. He serves in US

House of Representatives.

Barbara Bush and Craig Coyne relationship-

The couple met after the blind date in 2017. The couple met at a hotel bar in Atalanta. When Barbara met Craig, she was with her sister, her publicist, and her other friends. In an interview, Barbara said: “It was a group first date and they tried to give us our space, but we were all sitting at the same table. But he was so blind he didn’t know what he looked like, so I went up to two guys in front of him in the lobby and asked if they were him.

And then, luckily, a handsome guy came in and I thought, ‘Please, maybe this is him.’ And it was him. And that was our first date, and he moved on.” She explains her first date in that interview. After secretly dating for a month, they confirm their relationship in December. After a year, on August 25, Craig Coyne proposes to Barbara. He chooses an amazing and beautiful place.

Craig Coyne proposes to Barbara to be in the same place where her grandparents got engaged 75 years earlier. The couple then gets married in October at Barbara’s house. It was an intimate wedding with 20 people in attendance. Barbara is wearing an ivory silk Vera Wang dress and a bracelet that her grandfather had given her grandmother. After three years, the couple gives birth to a girl.

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