Constantine 2 Officially Happening, In The Works With Keanu Reeves

After reviving The Matrix last year, Warner Brothers. is bringing back one more Keanu Reeves property. The studio is teasing a sequel to 2005’s Constantine, the film is reportedly based on the DC property, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The project is to reunite Keanu Reeves with director Francis Lawrence, who directed the first film. This time, veteran scribe Akiva Goldsman will compose the script for the film. Akiva Goldsman will also produce the film through Weed Street Pictures, with JJ Abrams producing through Bad Robot with Hannah Minghella. News about said sequel was first reported by Deadline.

JJ Abrams has been teasing a Constantine series for HBO Max; in any case, he will not advance there. It is conceivable that he could find life elsewhere. The equivalent holds for Madame X, another Abrams-delivered DC project that will never again have a home on HBO Max. Constantine fetched $230 million worldwide and the character has remained alive in the public consciousness. After Keanu Reeves’ emphasis on the antihero, who in DC lore is an undercover detective, Matt Ryan played John Constantine on an NBC series, and later on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Constantine Sequel Reportedly Working With Keanu Reeves

A sequel to one of DC’s cult classic movies is evidently in the works. On Friday, a report revealed that a sequel to the 2005 film Constantine is in development at Warner Bros. Star Keanu Reeves will return, along with Francis Lawrence. Akiva Goldsman will write the film’s screenplay and will produce the film, with JJ Abrams and Hannah Minghella serving as producers, and Lorenzo DiBonaventura and Erwin Stoff serving as executive producers. Reports show the arrangement was led by new Warner Bro Picture Group co-seats Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy.

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Constantine 2 Officially Happening, In The Works With Keanu Reeves

This may be one of the most amazing ventures under the workings of Warner Bros. Discovery regime, which has stood out as truly newsworthy on numerous occasions, especially for its likely fixes for the DC universe. While Constantine was financially successful upon its release in 2005 and seen as a fan favorite, it is also seen by some as a loose comic book adaptation of the Constantine mythos. Consequently, the character has been adapted into live action with Matt Ryan in a Constantine TV show and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, with a gender-bent version of the character played by Jenna Coleman in the new Netflix series The Sandman.

As part of an overall deal with Warner Bros., Abrams has also been teasing another HBO Max exclusive Constantine series, which would be essential to a Justice League Dark shared universe. He’s confused right now about the remote possibility that this movie sequel will nullify plans for the show, which was reported to be on solid ground and moving forward in an industry report a month ago. There’s been talk of a Constantine sequel for quite some time at this point, with co-star Peter Stormare indicating beforehand in 2020 that some sort of follow-up was in the works. Keanu Reeves has openly expressed his desire to return to the role.

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