Constance Wu tweets about fresh off the boat explained

What specifically did the actress tweet about the series Fresh off the Boat? Constance Wu talks about the criticism she received for her comments.

Because viewers believed that Fresh off the Boat exposed stereotypes while including a variety of comedic aspects, it became a popular show.

People were pleased to learn that the show has been renewed for a sixth season in light of this. Constance’s tweets made everyone believe that she was not as happy as they were.

What is mentioned in Constance Wu’s tweet?

Fresh off the Boat was renewed for a sixth season in May 2019 and was eagerly awaited by fans. But everyone was taken aback by Constance’s tweet.

The celebrity tweeted, “So upset right now I’m literally crying,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Yuck. F**k.” Constance said the show’s renewal was bad news for her in response to a fan of hers.

Additionally, she posted her thoughts on Instagram while he left a “Dislike” comment on her story.

Constance Wu
Constance Wu tweets about fresh off the boat explained

The actress’ reaction to the backlash

Constance stepped forward after observing the reaction online and made an effort to defend her position. The actress claimed that people were “assuming” what her previous tweets meant.

Constance claimed that there was nothing strange about the frequent use of the word “f**k” in her speech. At the same time, she denounced claims that she did not value her role or have a strong relationship with her co-stars.

He then tweeted: “Today’s tweets came right after a rough day and did not coincide with the news from the show. Please know how grateful I am for the renewal of FOTB. I love the characters and the team. I am honored to participate in it. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, including my use of the slang term “f**k” in public.

A few days later, Constance stated that her comments concerned a project that she would not be able to complete due to her commitment to the FOTB, requiring her to abandon all future efforts.

Constance Wu admits she attempted suicide

Constance revealed in a tweet that the hostility she had experienced made her hesitant to use social media again. The actress went on to say that her experience led to a suicide attempt, but a friend of hers intervened and took her to the emergency room.

Constance Wu
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Constance added that she had received numerous hate messages calling her “a scourge on the Asian-American community” in her direct messages. Constance acknowledged that the words she did not name had a significant influence on her mental health.

The actress is doing much better now and promoting her book Making A Scene, in which she talks about the painful experiences she’s been through and the value of asking for help.

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