Chucky is real? as Alabama residents see a real-life Chucky walking the streets

In Pinson, Alabama, locals were shocked to discover a “real life” Chucky prowling the streets. Jackson, a young boy, was later found to be the human equivalent of the scary doll. Jackson enjoys wearing the costume of his house and neighborhood.

After Pinson’s owner, Kendra Walden, took pictures of Jackson’s Chucky strolling down the street and posted them on Facebook, she shared that the sight “almost” gave her a heart attack. The images quickly went viral.

For those who don’t know, Chucky was the name of the evil doll that haunted the 1988 hit movie Child’s Play, which is still considered one of the scariest horror movies of all time.

Kendra and her colleague noticed the doll while traveling down a hilly residential street in Pinson. She watched as they passed him while she waited for the car to pass.

A week after he posted some photos on Facebook, they had been shared more than 100,000 times.

The “real world” A 5-year-old boy named Chucky from Alabama was identified by his mother

Jackson, a 5-year-old boy, was the walking nightmare doll, and his mother, Britnee Reed, recognized him when one of her co-workers showed her the photos.

Britnee revealed to WDHN that her co-worker had shown her the photo and claimed that her son would act the way it is depicted. She was shocked to see her son Jackson in her photos when she first looked at them. She pronounced:

I zoomed in on the picture and exclaimed, “Oh my God, that’s my son.”

Jackson was being cared for by his mother, whom he immediately called. He learned that her mother had helped Jackson put on the costume before he left on his routine neighborhood watch.

Britnee said that while they occasionally receive criticism on social media, most fans love Jackson and his creepy image. Some people have even invited him to attend birthday celebrations, which he has respectfully declined.

The 5-year-old claimed that he was pleased with the whole situation and had managed to scare a lot of people online. In his words to WDHN reporters:

“Tell them I was a good Chucky and be sure to send my grandmother a copy of the photos too.”

On Facebook, Jackson’s photos have received more than 104,000 shares and more than 50,000 likes.

Who chucky? The saga of how the infamous haunted doll came to be

According to legend, Robert, a real-life doll, served as the inspiration for Chucky. In Key West, Florida, in 1906, Robert Eugene Otto received Robert the Doll as a gift from his family’s housekeeper. It is believed that the maid was unhappy with the family and resorted to voodoo to curse the doll.

According to rumors, the doll was originally nicknamed Gene and later changed to Robert.

Ranker claimed that Robert Eugene Otto appreciated the 40-inch doll and carried it everywhere, but that things gradually deteriorated as strange occurrences began to occur in Otto’s home.

Unfamiliar deep sounds and strange laughter could be heard coming from Robert’s bedroom, according to his parents. Also, they could hear someone running inside the house.

The situation worsened when young Robert was heard screaming in his room and complaining about how the doll had ruined his toys. While the family was abroad, neighbors claimed to have seen a child in the house who resembled the doll. The house developed a reputation for being “haunted” as stories persisted.

Robert loved the doll despite everything until his death of old age. The doll was then hidden in the attic of the house, where it was later discovered by the daughter of the new owners.

The doll reportedly resumed throwing objects before making its way to the East Martello Museum, where it is now stored behind a layer of safety glass.

Visitors can examine the doll in the museum, but it is strongly recommended that they do not photograph it and seek its permission if they do.

Netizens are sure the movie is based on the Eugene doll, though Child’s Play director Tom Holland hasn’t verified any connection between Chucky and Robert.

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