Chris Petrikin steps down as Paramount communications chief

Chris Petrikin, Executive Vice President of Global Communications and Corporate Brand, will be leaving Paramount Pictures. The announcement follows the early resignation of Jim Gianopulos as President and CEO of the Melrose Lot. And the addition of Brian Robbins from the film studios to his growing collection. A Paramount rep can’t even get in touch.

Petrikin has been in the role for over 4 years, having accompanied Gianopulos to 20th Century Fox’s Paramount, where he held positions as Chief Communications Director for eleven years. Petrikin is recognized for his strong and extensive contacts with journalists. As well as his astute advice on the industry and his overall effectiveness as a spokesperson for the studio. From a media point of view, he will be greatly missed. He has given expert advice on theaters. And many company issues during his tenure at 20th Century Fox and Paramount.

Chris Petrikin, senior vice president of global communications and brand development for Paramount Pictures, has retired. His departure comes as ViacomCBS announced earlier this week that studio CEO Jim Gianopulos will be replaced by Nickelodeon executive Brian Robbins. Even during policy changes, other leaders are supposed to walk you through the door.

Petrikin and Gianopulos had a long working relationship at 20th Century Fox, where they worked together for a decade. Petrikin left Fox to start a global conflict management and communication systems company. That’s when Stacey Snider takes over the entire company.

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Chris Petrikin steps down as Paramount communications chief

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Petrikin left the William Morris Company in 2007. No doubt it was to manage Fox’s media channels, advertising, industry marketing, award shows, community events and philanthropic operations. After serving as a journalist and director publisher of numerous magazines, he joined William Morris in 2002.
Robbins will be in charge of growing Paramount’s commitments with Paramount Plus, ViacomCBS’. A new subscription streaming that aims to challenge the supremacy of Netflix by competing with HBO Max and Disney Plus. At the film production company, where Gianopulos was very good and renowned, hiring him was a complete surprise.

Additionally, several of Paramount’s top executives, including feature film president Emma Watts and chief marketing officer Chris Aronson, recently worked with Gianopulos at Fox.

Robbins was a young actress who previously appeared on ABC‘s “Best in class”. Since he became a businessman, he has made a name for himself as a director and producer, handling films including “Hardball. Others were “Varsity Blues” and the widely praised “Norbit. A teen-focused YouTube channel was owned by Robbins and ended up being sold to Series Produced and then Viacom.

Future projects

Scream, Jackass Forever, Lost City of D, Top Gun: Maverick, Transformers Rise of the Beasts, Mission: Impossible 7, Paramount’s untitled release, are among the 13 films scheduled for official release in 2022. Assuming ViacomCBS actually it won’t change your views on movie allocation strategies.

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