‘Chopped Junior’ Winner Fuller Goldsmith Died: Here’s Why

Fuller Goldsmith, the seventh grader from Alabama who won the Food Show’s Chopped Junior, sadly passed away battling cancer. He was 17 years old at the time.

In a statement on Instagram on Wednesday, the show’s production team. Magic Elves, revealed Goldsmith’s death and paid tribute to him. “People are heartbroken after learning of Fuller Goldsmith’s passing. An assistant to Top Chef Junior,” the company wrote along with slides of footage from the teen’s appearance on the show. “He was a fantastic chef and one of the toughest kids we’ve ever met. We knew that he would have an influence on everyone around him. And become a positive influence in the culinary industry from the moment it was revealed to us. We send our deepest condolences to his parents as they mourn the passing of someone genuinely wonderful.”

The teenager was also remembered by the Food Network. what airs Chopped Juniorin a message shared with EW on Wednesday night.

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'Chopped Junior' Winner Fuller Goldsmith Died: Here's Why

“We were heartbroken when we learned of the death of Fuller Goldsmith. He was a wonderfully nice guy on top of becoming a culinary powerhouse and fierce opponent. Our thoughts and prayers are with Fuller’s family and friends as they mourn the passing of such an extraordinary young man. “According to the statement.

Fuller Goldsmith: Life, illness and reason for his death.

Fuller had been battling cancer since she was three years old, in and out of treatment. The treatment, multiple surgeries and a bone marrow transplant took place over many years. Guy Fieri, one of his culinary heroes, helped him through it. He spent several hours watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, as well as Guy’s Big Bite to get motivated. Fuller told EW that streaming marathons were “therapeutic.”

In 2018, EW was present when Goldsmith and Fieri met at the Stagecoach music event. After a brief conversation in which Goldsmith expressed his fondness for the tailgate kitchen. The two created burritos on the spot for Ashton Kutcher, who walked by.

As during the epidemic, Goldsmith spent a lot of time alone at the Southern Ale House restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “Trying to think of new dishes during this lockdown,” according to Patch.

He displayed a passion for great food when he spoke to the media about his passion for the culinary arts.

“I like extremely premium foods like truffles and caviar,” he explained. “To me, that seems like a lot of pleasure to create. Everything seems to be precise, and you will have to focus very carefully on it, which is something I enjoy.”

Goldsmith aspired to attend cooking school and eventually open his own restaurant.

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