Catreisa Johnson, the Youtuber was arrested, fans wonder why

Recently we got the news of a Youtuber, Catreisa Johnson. She is recently arrested. Social networks are full of news about her. It is quite shocking and disheartening to hear such news. She gives a negative influence on the public. Disappointed fans of her want to know more about it. So, let’s find out more about what happened, etc.

Who is Catresia Johnson?

Catreisa Johnson’s YouTube channel is “Cat Johnson and Kash Cow”. He has around 1,000 subscribers. Furthermore, she has 2,32,000 followers on her Instagram account. She has a total of 275 posts on her Instagram account. Her recent video on her channel is “Catreisa (Cat) Johnson Last Words Before SURRENDERING (Memphis Jail 201 Poplar)”. In the video, a Tiktok is shown in which Catresia Johnson is hugging her friend Kash with a voiceover as she cries. The voice over is quite confusing.

Why is Catresia Johnson arrested?

Catresia’s arrest is confirmed by the official Scoop page. According to the report, she is charged with abusing an elderly person. She youtuber is currently in JailEast. She will soon appear before the judge. There’s an arrest warrant out for her along with a mugshot. The arrest warrant statement includes: “Investigative Sergeant Turner reviewed the videos and observed Johnson pushing Harris to the ground and continuing to hit her while she was in the fetal position.”

The video that created a mess for Catreisa Johnson-

The video causing problems for Catresia Johnson is on her official YouTube channel. In that video she is seen beating the old woman for a continuous minute. That old lady’s name is Harris. In the video, passers-by are seen trying to push her away, but she does not listen or respond to them. Rather, she gets more irritated and sits on top of the woman and starts hitting her harder. She even posts this video on her official channel. The title of the video is “Catreisa “Cat” Johnson fights with an OLD WOMAN for PIZZA”.

Similar incidents that occurred recently-

A few days ago news came related to one more youtuber. The youtuber It’s Omi in Hellcat. YouTuber has a charge against him for having a fraud of 30 million dollars. Now, news has come in about Catresia Johnson. Twitter is full of news about both. It is shocking and disappointing to see such a famous personality involved in such crimes. She influences the youth in an evil. This should stop.

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