Cardi B & Offset celebrate their son’s first birthday with a huge birthday party

Rapper Offset showed his love for his son Wave Set through a social media post on the occasion of his first birthday. In the sweet post shared by the rapper, he posted some photos of Wave with him, including the one from when he was born. Offset has been a loving father to his children Kulture and Wave, whom he shares with his wife Cardi B.

Read on to find out more about rapper Offset sharing an adorable post for his son Wave’s first birthday.

Offset and Cardi B’s children

However, Offset might have been in a relationship before he met Cardi B. However, both Cardi and Offset make an amazing couple. The very much in love couple is often seen publicly attending one or another event. Apart from that, the couple even share two adorable children.

The couple met in 2016 and a year later they secretly married. The lovely couple share a four-year-old daughter Kulture and a son who just turned one. Recently, the couple even shared a sweet post for their son Wave Set.

Rapper Offset Shares Sweet Social Media Post For Wave Set’s Birthday

It was this Sunday that Cardi B and Offset’s son, Wave Set, turned one year old. The proud dad on this occasion shared a sweet post on his Instagram. Where I had some photos of Wave and a 30 second video of him. To mark how quickly his child turned a year old.

In the video, Offset can be seen holding her baby in her arms the day she was born at the hospital. Another photo shared by him showed Offset and little Wave in the stroller. While he was dad he was trying to fix Wave’s hat. One more photo showed baby Wave sitting at a table on a plane. As Offset wrote the caption “MY BIG WAVE IS 1 YEAR OLD TODAY”.

Cardi B’s post for Baby Wave Set

In addition to Offset being a loving father, Cardi B is a loving mother to her two children. As Offset she expressed her love for him through posting for her son on his one year birthday. Cardi B before her son’s first birthday shared a sweet and funny post for her son and husband.

In the post, a photo of Offset could be seen on one side while on the other side was a photo of Wave. With the photo of the father and son duo, Cardi had a caption that in a funny way said: “she got her parents to be mean.”

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