Cardi B denies hitting a fan during her Wireless Festival performance

Cardi B denies getting into a fight with a fan after a video of the rapper allegedly hitting someone with her microphone went viral.

Here is everything you need to know.

Cardi B opens up about controversial Twitter clip

Cardi B recently took to the stage at the Wireless Festival in London this Friday night. The rapper surprised the crowd when she gave an amazing performance alongside Megan Thee Stallion.

The duo metaphorically set the stage on fire as they leaned over each other and put on an X-rated show.

However, towards the end of the show, as the Bodak Yellow rapper was kneeling behind a security guard, one fan couldn’t seem to keep his hands to himself.

Plus, the next thing you know, Cardi B is hitting someone or something with her microphone. Regardless, the singer has denied being involved in a violent fight.

The Grammy-winning artist took to Twitter as she tried to clear her name.

She wrote: ‘It wasn’t NO FIGHT’.

Additionally, more videos surfaced online showing the incident from other angles showing Cardi B just being caught in the crowd.

TikTok users react to Cardi B’s video

TikTok users were quick to express their stance on Cardi B’s reaction to the rowdy audience.

One fan said: ‘AS SHE SHOULD’.

Another jokingly added, “don’t miss it,” most likely referring to the hip-hop singer’s hit singles and mic-swinging.

A third user commented: ‘getting hit with a microphone is crazy’.

Also, another user wrote: ‘Cardi always [proves] why she is the queen of hip-hop.’

Cardi B’s previous strikes

Cardi B made headlines when she missed out on the Grammy Awards this year. She later deleted her Twitter account when fans criticized her relentlessly.

One user wrote: “I bet your son wouldn’t like you to be on your butt while you make fun of fans and never drop music.”

As expected, the rapper was outraged and lashed out at her fans. She wrote multiple controversial tweets at the time.

One of them was like, ‘When did I get you excited? Where and when did you ever [give] suggestions? Are you okay?” she wrote at the time. “I’m not going to [an] award show if I don’t get a new song to perform or if my album isn’t available.’

He further added that one user should supposedly ‘drink acid’ while saying another fan can ‘suck sh*t’.

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