Cardi B and Bella Poarch Beef Explained: Leaked Direct Messages with TikToker Further Fueling Twitter Feud

Cardi B gets it straight with Bella Poarch and her comment while filtering the DMs. While it is not uncommon for two popular figures to dislike each other. Both Cardi B and Bella Poarch have been displaying a similar dislike. However, for everything that Bella said about Cardi. Latter has finally tried to hit Bella back.

Read on to learn more about how Cardi B hits back at Bella Poarch by leaking DMs.

The equation of Bella Poarch and Cardi B

Bella Poarch has become increasingly popular with her career as a singer and social media star. Recently, when she tweeted about her new album, Dolls EP. Where he also mentioned about the quality of it. In one of her tweets she ended up dragging Cardi B and her music too.

As she herself said for promoting “better than any Cardi album”. Which has certainly created a sour equation between Cardi and Bella. Meanwhile, now Cardi B has also found her response to Bella Poarch’s comment. But what has she said?

Cardi B responds to Bella with leaked DMs

It was apparent with Cardi B that she wasn’t happy with what Bella Poarch had to say about her. Meanwhile, Cardi B didn’t hold back either and recently looked into what Bella said. Cardi B took a screenshot of her Instagram to show how much Bella must have been joking about Cardi B’s statement.

The screenshot shared by Cardi was a DM from Bella Poarch and Cardi. Where Bella said, “Hello! I’m a big fan of your music.” Which made it clear whether or not Bella ever liked Cardi’s music. Meanwhile, Cardi B’s screenshot has gone viral on the internet. As a two-sided battle has begun between Bella and Cardi now.

Netizens’ reaction to Bella and Cardi’s leaked DMs

Cardi clearly didn’t like everything Bella said about Cardi and her music. However, by leaking the DMs, Cardi tried to set the record straight for everyone, including Bella. However, one of the users defended filtering the DMs.

Where Cardi said that “everyone can joke, but not me.” Also, he said that he was just trying to defend himself with this.

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