Capitol Records signs its first AI-powered virtual rapper, FN Meka

A virtual rapper named FN Meka has reportedly signed a contract with Capitol Records. He is powered by artificial intelligence.

Here is everything you need to know.

FN Meka Becomes First AI-Powered Virtual Rapper After Signing To Capitol Records

FN Meka, a ‘rapper robot’ has signed a contract with Capitol Records and will become the first virtual rapper powered by AI.

Music Business Worldwide published an article on August 17 in which they revealed that a ‘robot rapper’ named FN Meka signed a contract with Capitol Records.

The media post further mentioned that FN Meka also released a new single called Florida Water. The track also includes RICO accused rapper Gunna and game streamer Clix.

Meanwhile, Turbo produced the song. He previously worked with top rappers like Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Lil Baby.

Also, during the song, FN Meka offers delicate lyrics like, ‘Oh, just put it on my tab/I don’t see the prices, throw it in my bag/Always a foreigner when I run/Clean water VVS diamonds pop/Make it splash.’

According to the creations, the song’s vocals are performed by a real human being, although the lines are apparently generated through artificial intelligence.

@fnmeka What car should I modify next? #rollsroyce #supercar #rich ♬ In the thick of it! – The Backyardigans

More about the ‘virtual’ offer

Factory New, a virtual record label created FN Meka and was the first to ‘sign’ the robot rapper.

Company co-founder Anthony Martini discussed the process for MBW in 2021. Martini created FN Meka together with his partner Brandon Le.

Additionally, Martini shared that the song is sung by a real human being, however everything else is AI generated.

He explained, “Technically speaking, FN Meka has the voice of a human. But everything else about him, from his lyrics to the chords and tempo that underpins his music, is based on AI.


Got a new ice machine to help keep my doll FROZEN 🥶

♬ Florida Water – FN Meka & Gunna & Clix

Martini added: “From now on, a human voice interprets the voices. But we are working towards the ability for a computer to come up with and interpret its own words, and even collaborate with other computers as “co-authors.”‘

Ryan Ruden, an executive at Capitol Music Group, has given his take on the recent partnership.

He said, ‘[It] meets at the intersection of music, technology and gaming culture. It is just a preview of what is to come.

Meanwhile, FN Meka is quite popular on social networking sites even though he started his career only a few years ago. She currently has over 10 million followers on TikTok with over a billion views on the video-sharing platform.

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